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Masturbation Monday: Week 182 Roundup

Back once again and what a wonderful week it has been indeed. Made even better by all the wonderfully hot and erotic stories every one contributed. After a long (at least what seemed long to me) cold spell things are certainly heating up in more ways then one.

Sometimes I Need the Rough Stuff by Sassy Cat

Gentle is nice, and it has its place to be sure. But there are other times when rough is needed, desired, and wanted. The kind of rough Sassy Cat shares can be cathartic and have a calming effect. Rough can touch one on many levels: it can quiet a noisy mind, and it can calm nerves.

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster ride. However, the sex that comes with the roller coaster ride can be amazing. I used to have sex as a way to relieve those unwanted and uncomfortable feelings I am feeling when I’m deep in one of my borderline states. Keep reading

Teaching the Tutor by Cimmerian Sentiment

Education comes in many forms and being book smart doesn’t always equate to other types of intelligence. Sometimes we may have the book smarts down pat but lack it in other areas. That is where a little nudge comes in, like the one we see in Teaching the Tutor by Cimmerian Sentiment. Having a willing and hot instructor to guide one is always a big plus, too.

I was finally alone. The ex-was late picking up the four kids and grumbled about the long weekend being inconvenient. You would think he would be happier to spend an extra day with them at his fancy condo. The kids will just spend all the time swimming in the pool anyway.

I wasted no time putting on some instrumental music, stripping my clothes off and flopping back on the couch as I played with my breasts. Keep reading.

Carole’s Story by F. Leonora

Sometimes we can’t see what is right in front of us or we’re unable to see the forest for the trees. In looking at others that may well bring about an awakening in us like it seems to have done in Carole’s Story by F. Leonora.

When the two women went out for lunch—when Gui had to go back to work and they went back to being American and British tourists, respectively—that was when Sabrina saw it plainly.

“You are in love with Gui!” Sabrina exclaimed and clapped her hands, the recognition shocking her like electricity. Keep reading.

A big thanks to all the writers who participated this week. There were sooo many wonderfully hot and erotic tales. Also thanks to Missy (submiss34f) for this week’s prompt!

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  1. Thank you for the praise and compliment. All the entries this week are fantastic as they always are, and I’m honored that ‘Teaching the Tutor’ was chosen for the round up.

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