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Masturbation Monday: Week 183 by Hyacinth Jones

Hyacinth of A Dissolute Life Means is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Plenty of people focus on her exterior, and with a body like hers, I understand. (She regularly makes my mouth water.) But read her words, and you feel her angst, her sorrow, her frustration, and in the best of times, her lust and hunger for sexual satisfaction. Visit her blog and you will walk away touched – in sexy smutty ways and deep in your gut.

Let her body or her mind inspire you this Masturbation Monday!

Image originally published for the June 16 Boobday and used with permission. 

REMINDER: Starting next week, week 184, the prompt comes out on Friday instead of Thursday. The roundup will be published on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

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How It Works

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9 thoughts on “Masturbation Monday: Week 183 by Hyacinth Jones

  1. Sorry Hyacinth, your boobs look fabulous, but I’d already written this in the aftermath of the (non) events mentioned in the Authors Notes, and I have no other entry for MM.
    Indie x

      1. Thanks Kayla I do know that but I’ve prided myself on managing to work it in somehow most times. Plus this is such a lovely photo of Hy it seemed a shame to not use it as a prompt.

  2. I also want to express admiration for Hy’s breasts! And thighs!

    And to apologise for my contribution, which isn’t really very sexy. Except for the pretty girl bending over in the library chair.

    (Some people may also find pics of valve amplifiers sexy, but I don’t know them.)

    But the text is not very hot. Filth is hard work! And so is healing, and today, healing had to come first.

    Still, I felt I had to check in just the same, because I’m kind of committed to this meme.


    1. Healing *always* comes first. If you don’t do that, you can’t write the smut. I’m just so glad you joined in, even if what you write isn’t as sexy as you’d like it to be.

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