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Masturbation Monday Week 196 Roundup by May More

A huge thanks to May More for taking on this week’s Masturbation Monday roundup. Confession time…she’s read the posts before I have this week, so these are all a pleasant surprise to me, too!

Masturbation Monday is a fabulous meme. Kayla is very happy for bloggers to enter a variety of different post types. But the ones I particularly enjoy reading are the hot, steamy erotic tales. Thankfully sex-bloggers do like writing a bit of smut and so we are lucky that each week so many good writers stir our loins.

The three I have chosen are those that I found personally arousing. Here they are…

I’ll Watch by Dok Urtybitz

Dok usually writes very sexy poetry but this week we are treated to a short story. The subject matter, of being watched or having someone watch you, is such a horny topic.

She’s relaxing in her favorite chair, reading and enjoying the warm afternoon sun.

Coming home, dirty, tired, and sweaty, I mention that I’m going to take a shower and ask if she’d like to join me.

I’ll watch, you wash” is all she has to say…  Keep Reading

Take a Seat by Molly Moore

This post by Molly matches the prompt photo so well. Not only that but she paints such an erotic scene that I nearly had my hand down my knickers from the start. This scenario is certainly one of my fantasies.

Poppy smoothed her fitted blue skirt down over her hips before she opened the door.

Ah, there you are Poppy. Come in Poppy and shut the door behind you”

Poppy did as she told. She was getting and better at that. As the door settled into the frame there was s small click sound as Jason reached under his desk and pressed the button which controlled the lock… Keep Reading

I wait, all but Patiently by Victoria Blisse

As soon as I began to read this I was struck by its beauty. Victoria’s writing flows from start to finish and its urgency builds until the climax.

Want. It ripples beneath my skin, subtle, unnoticed by others but a constant scratching, itching that demands my attention.

I can’t give myself what I crave but I can create the fantasy, take the pleasure and satisfy the need for a moment as I wait, all but patiently, for him… Keep Reading

Honorable Mention

I know I am only allowed to choose three entries for the roundup, and I particularly wanted to highlight some of the sexier posts. However, I really would like to add…

Mom’s Birthday by Marie Rebelle 

…as an honorable mention. It really did resonate with me. Being a great believer that dreams are meant to serve many purposes and are not as straightforward as some may think.

I know, the title of this post doesn’t sound as if it has anything to do with masturbation, but believe me, it does. I have noticed something strange… Keep reading

A huge thanks to May More for doing this week’s roundup, and Exposing 40 for providing this week’s prompt!

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  1. Thank you so much for picking my piece and I am delighted you picked Victoria’s post too as I thought that was fabulously sexy writing


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