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2019 Smutty Sexy Masturbation Monday Prompts

Masturbation Monday has been a place to share sexual thoughts and read masturbation-inducing smut since 2014. In that time a lot of amazing people have participated in many ways — writing and linking their posts, doing the round-up, and providing inspiration through their user-submitted images.

The first time I used another blogger’s image was in early 2017, but it didn’t become a regular thing until May 2017. In 2019, we celebrated weeks 227 to 278 of Masturbation Monday. That’s 52 smutty prompts. And for the first time (though hopefully not the last), I want to acknowledge everyone who contributed a prompt. With their help, plenty of smut has been inspired this year! And I’m sure a few orgasms, too.

Click the different weeks to reminisce. Click the person’s name to read their blog or get to know them online. If you loved someone’s image, you may like more of their creative work, so subscribe, follow, like, etc.

I always thank the prompt-provider each week for making Masturbation Monday possible, but consider this my giant, massive, HUGE thanks to all of you for making 2019 possible!

Note: These are listed in chronological order from the first week of 2019 to the list (sort of).

Masturbation Monday 2019 Prompts

Adrian Kenny (XHamster): Masturbation Monday Week 227

Little Switch Bitch: Masturbation Monday Week 228 and Week 240

Violet Fawkes: Masturbation Monday Week 229 and Week 269

Sub-Bee: Masturbation Monday Week 230 and Week 243

Molly Moore: Masturbation Monday Week 231, Week 241, Week 251, Week 254, and Week 273

Victoria Blisse: Masturbation Monday Week 232, Week 248, and Week 259

Cara Thereon: Masturbation Monday Week 233

Focused and Filthy: Masturbation Monday Week 234, Week 249, Week 256, Week 264, and Week 274

Marie Rebelle: Masturbation Monday Week 235, Week 242, Week 246, and Week 255

JerBear: Masturbation Monday Week 236 and Week 275

Clear Eyed Girl: Masturbation Monday Week 237 and Week 278

The Barefoot Sub (password protected): Masturbation Monday Week 238 and Week 247

MxNillin: Masturbation Monday Week 239, Week 250, and Week 257

Floss Liddell: Masturbation Monday Week 244 and Week 258

Purple’s Gem: Masturbation Monday Week 245, Week 252, Week 266, and Week 276

The Other Me (Twitter): Masturbation Monday Week 253

Lascivious Lucy: Masturbation Monday Week 260

Petticoat Diva Jo: Masturbation Monday Week 261

Quinn Rhodes: Masturbation Monday Week 262 and Week 271

David Mei: Masturbation Monday Week 263

Haiku/19 Syllables (Twitter): Masturbation Monday Week 265

May More: Masturbation Monday Week 267, Week 272, and Week 278

Lindsey Knott: Masturbation Monday Week 268

Elliot Henry: Masturbation Monday Week 270

Kisungura: Masturbation Monday Week 277

How To Become a Masturbation Monday Prompt

There are a lot more people taking sexy pictures of themselves than you’d imagine. In the beginning, I asked other sex bloggers if I could use their image. I no longer have that kind of time. To have your image featured as a prompt, you need to submit it (link below).

When you see someone as a prompt more than once, it’s because they submitted multiple images over the year. There’s no limit on how many times one person can submit an image or be a prompt. The only limit I place is on myself — I try not to schedule the same people in the same month.

How did I keep up with everyone? Spreadsheets, baby. And thanks to those spreadsheets, I already have 2020’s prompt list started, but I can always use more!

Want to be a future Masturbation Monday prompt? Click here: Submit Your Image

What kind of prompts do I need?

Sexy, thought-provoking, kinky, anonymous, erotic, you name it, I want it. I especially want diverse body types, skin colors, sizes, genitalia, and genders! If you posted it to your blog or a social media profile, it’s eligible to be a prompt! And if you were proud enough of it to share it online, it’s definitely Masturbation Monday-worthy. You definitely don’t need to be a professional photographer to submit an image.

As always, a massive thanks to everyone who submitted their images for 2019. I can’t WAIT to share the smutty goodness of your images in 2020!

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  1. It’s been so nice to have our pictures used for the prompts, we have always had increased traffic and followers those weeks, so thank you. Excellent work with the spreadsheets 😊

  2. This is a great tribute to some fabulous images – wow!
    I shall get thinking about prompts or pictures to suggest – gotta keep the furnaces of #MM stoked! Thanks Kayla x

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