Masturbation Monday began in 2014 as a simple hashtag #MasturbationMonday but when I saw how popular it was on Twitter, I knew it could be something more. A website and weekly blogging meme were born. ~Kayla

About Masturbation Monday

Masturbation Monday gives writers a way to share their smutty or thoughtful posts about smut with a wider audience. It’s also a way for readers to discover new bloggers and writers to follow. And since the beginning, that’s what it’s been.

Over the years, the single weekly prompt has expanded.

All prompts are real people, often sex bloggers but sometimes not. Writers aren’t required to follow the image prompt, but it’s there to get the juices flowing (pun definitely intended). Bloggers and other people who post sexy images of themselves online are encouraged to submit a picture!

We’ve added a weekly roundup of top blog posts — chosen by Kayla Lords, John Brownstone, or a guest blogger each week. We prefer to have a guest blogger do the choosing! If you’re overwhelmed by the dozens of writers in a week, start with a round-up instead.

The podcast helps us reach people who prefer to listen instead of read. Bloggers who have participated in Masturbation Monday from the first week to the present submit posts and each week a new episode drops. John Brownstone reads the story, adding his own sexy touch to it.

About Kayla Lords

Kayla is a sex blogger, freelance writer, podcaster, and a woman with more ideas than time to spare. She began Masturbation Monday to get more readers to her own blog. When she saw how well it worked, she decided to help other bloggers have the same results.

She’s also wife, submissive, babygirl, and masochist to the amazing John Brownstone. Find her at KaylaLords.com.

About John Brownstone

John is a woodworker, podcaster, and a sometime sex blogger. He was supportive of Masturbation Monday from the beginning but began to work more closely with it in 2018. He’s the voice of the weekly podcast, a round-up selector, and tech guy to help keep the site running.

He’s also the husband, Dominant, Daddy, and sadist to Kayla Lords. Read more from him at Southern Sirs Place.