Articulated Moments by Marie Rebelle MM010

Marie Rebelle is no stranger to Masturbation Monday. She participates most weeks, and her images have been prompts several times. That she happens to be a lovely woman, amazing writer, and great friend makes this week’s podcast even better. Even better, her smut game is strong. If you haven’t checked out her work yet, hopefully this week’s episode will be all the reason you need to go perv her site.

In this episode:

  • Enter to win the Masturbation Month giveaway (May 2018 only)
  • John Brownstone reads Articulated Moments by Marie Rebelle.
  • Originally published on Masturbation Monday week 167.
  • Follow Marie Rebelle for more kinky smut!

Links from the show:

Masturbation Month giveaway (May 2018 only)

Read Articulated Moments by Marie Rebelle

Check out Marie’s website

Follow Marie Rebelle on Twitter

Masturbation Monday Week 167

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