Drizzled in Honey by Mischa Eliot

The Masturbation Monday podcast is less than a year old, and it seems fitting that we close out 2018 with the smutty writer (and dear friend) who helped us begin this adventure back in March. This week, we’re so happy to feature Mischa Eliot for episode 34. She writes erotica that’ll melt your bed, your screen, and — now, in podcast form — your ears.

In this episode:

  • John Brownstone reads Drizzled in Honey by Mischa Eliot.
  • Originally published during Masturbation Monday Week 197.
  • Follow Mischa Eliot for some of the hottest smut you’ll ever read.

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Masturbation Monday Week 197

Episode 1 — Bound by Mischa Eliot

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