Drowsy by Indigo Byrd MM020

Indigo Byrd does not shy away from the erotic or sensual whether from her past or the thoughts and fantasies she has today. Her work, both writing and photography, has an ethereal quality that makes you feel like you’re in a dream or a trance. She proves that eroticism knows no age limits.

In this episode:

  • John Brownstone reads Drowsy by Indigo Byrd.
  • Originally published on Masturbation Monday week 168.
  • Follow Indigo Byrd for sensual erotica!

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Masturbation Monday Week 168

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2 thoughts on “Drowsy by Indigo Byrd MM020

  1. That was beautifully read John Brownstone! It’s odd but rather wonderful to hear ones writing being articulated by another, especially since its been a while since I reread this piece. I knew you appreciated it when I first wrote it but I feel doubly appreciated now – thank you.
    Indie xx

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