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Guest Post: His Marks by Fire Kitten

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This is a first, but hopefully not a last, for Masturbation Monday — a guest post! My friend, Fire Kitten, wanted to participate with a story of her own, but she doesn’t have a blog. When she reached out, I told her I would be happy to host her here! And maybe, with a bit of encouragement, she’ll keep writing! 

His Marks by Fire Kitten

We arrive at the building in London for our session. As we get out of the Mercedes cab we are handed our suitcase of goodies. We walk over to the glass door we were directed to go to only to find out we are not at the correct door when the butler comes out of the next door over to greet us and take us up in the elevator to our room.

We arrive and are escorted in and introduced to our session guide, a well known genderqueer feminist, Pandora/Blake. We discuss the scene we will be doing and how we will be participating as well as how they will be involved. They want to make sure, since this is my first time, that I am comfortable in their control of me and the playtime we will spend together. This is a gift to me from Daddy and I am so excited, yet apprehensive, for it is my first scene ever in a play room.

We are taken to the room and things are explained as to what can be used, what I will wear, what I will be experiencing and taking part in. The experience is to be as erotic as I want it and I am to let them know if I am uncomfortable at any time. I have my safe words and am to use them if necessary. We will be trying some Shibari, which I have always been curious about, and of course spankings, along with pleasure.

Once again, I am so excited yet apprehensive to the point I feel my cheeks growing warm. Not only in a play room, but a real scene with spankings and play with not only Daddy but our guide being over me as Daddy watches most of it. I’ve never been given or shared with anyone. This is all new to me.

As they discuss the implements they will be using on me I undress and then put on my open breast corset (in which the guide helps me lace up), stockings and heals and pony tail. Thats all.

As we are ready, our guide caresses me and tells me they will be playing with me today and the first thing we will be doing is spankings because all baby girls need spankings every day, if not for discipline then for maintenance. They then sit in a straight back chair and direct me to lay over their lap, balanced so I will not fall off and not have to brace myself with my hands on the floor or chair. I do so and they begin with their hand, peppering my ass cheeks in a steady pace. They stop every now and then to rub the cheeks as they are turning rosy.

They then continue and start covering the top back of my thighs as well. It is getting tender in spots that they frequent more often than others. They end by feeling my pussy and realizing how wet I am getting. They tell me to stand as they move the chair over to the side. They have me then kneel as they pull out the rope to begin the Shibari. They have me put my arms around to my back and cross my wrists and arms. They then go down to my ankles and tie it there was well, so I am at a point I cannot move more than the rope allows. They tug on my pony tail playfully that they can do anything with me now. The rope goes in between my ass cheeks giving them full access still to my ass and thighs.

I am to bend over, placing my head on the floor. My Daddy is right there with me. As I do so, they begin to use the leather paddle. It stings and I am getting more sensitive with every contact. They change over to the flogger. At first it is quite stimulating and erotic feeling and then as they contact my skin with it harder and harder I begin to tense up with the pain and I believe at this point I am starting to go into a fog. I know Daddy is right there with me and praising me and making sure I know he is there. That spurs me on to prove to him I am strong and can do this. I feel the need to yell out but I hold. At this point I am aware at times of the pain and at others focusing on my surroundings, my brain constantly moving in and out of awareness of the pain.

As I feel I can’t hold any longer they stop and tell me they will now change to another Shibari. They untie my wrists and then my ankles. They tell me to lie on my back on the floor and they will be tying my legs up, as a frog’s legs would be, giving them full access to my pussy. They then decide they should put clamps on my nipples maybe. As they go to the area of clamps they find the sticks with bands and decide on these instead. I am surprised at how easy I take them, knowing they are tight on my nipples and should be really hurting, but I am able to handle them. They then have me roll back over and for me to move over to the couch and get up on the seat facing the back of the couch. With a little help I do so and at this point I am trying to remember, but I believe they use a paddle.

My ass is so sore at this point, both bruised and burning that I catch my breath with every single contact. At points I get through just fine and at others I want to scream. During all of it they are both making sure I am okay and responding. They then have me move to the other side of the couch where they can get a better aim at my ass and they go for the strap. I am scared and yet curious through all this. The strap we have never discussed using. I know Daddy is right there and won’t let anything happen he doesn’t think I can handle, yet I am so close to the point of stopping.

I think they both see this as they start in on me with the strap. I am shaking, at one moment into myself and the next feeling the absolute pain and so close to yelling out. They then say they are only going to do a few more and we will move on. The last contact of the strap with my ass had my safe word on the tip of my tongue and then they stopped. They then had me lay on the couch on my back. Daddy was at my head and they are sitting below me on the couch where my legs were open to them for free access to my pussy and ass. As they are praising me and touching me, they are telling me it is now time to feel pleasure and to be rewarded for the good girl I have been.

They see I have been weeping and because of this my makeup has been running down my face. They take a look at me, look at Daddy, and say, “Oh I see we have a trash panda.” I look at them completely lost in what they are saying and Daddy laughs at the name. They look at my face making me understand what they mean and I giggle.

They start caressing my pussy, feeling how extraordinarily wet I am and would I like to come for them. I nod yes, not remembering if I said a word. I believe at this point I am in subspace, a place I have never experienced before, to my knowledge, at least not like this, and believe I have been there in and out through out the spankings but not sure. I do know I came pretty quickly and then they continue by putting in the butt plug (which was larger than I am used to and felt it was ripping me as it was put in to the point I was shaking), and then moving into my cunt as Daddy used the Doxy on my clit.

Once again it was not long before I came for them. I remember them saying I was so wet and asking if I was a squirter. I told them I have only been able to do so a couple of times (I think I said it), so they put a pad under me before the last time they worked me to orgasm. Then when we were done I was kissed by Daddy and praised, and given a sweet kiss by our wonderful guide.

They then untied me and gave me another hug and kiss.

It was an amazing experience. One I will never forget. I think during the pleasure time I was in some kind of euphoria state and completely high from it all. Daddy blesses me all the time with firsts and I am always so grateful, wishing so much there was more I could do for him.

I had the markings from that experience for over a week. I had gotten some ointment and started putting it on my bottom the day after to help with the bruising. Daddy says it makes him feel ownership when seeing these marks on me. His marks.

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  1. Fire Kitten, you should create a blog if only to post your stories. The world needs good stories by good people, so share!

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