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Guest Post: Ignition by Vlad Lioncourt

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This corner of the upscale restaurant was darker, with wispy shadows doing a slow waltz conducted by the flickering candlelight. The ambiance was in keeping with the seafood it was renowned for, with each booth partially isolated by nets and sea-faring paraphernalia. It was perfect for quiet conversation, and a bit of hidden naughtiness to those lovers that had a taste for risk.

Charles held her gaze with focused intent, showing no reaction to her stockinged foot seductively massaging his lower leg under his slacks. He allowed a lascivious smile to slowly spread across his face as he leaned forward, arms crossed comfortably on the table.

“Veronica, I adore your desires. Every single one. Because they are mine.”

Veronica leaned forward as well, a radiant smile her only response. She cradled her chin on her folded hands and allowed her eyes to convey her thoughts. Her thoughts were swirling, unfocused and misty; slowly simmering excitement fueled by the heated expectations her man had instilled in her over the course of the evening. At the moment, she was simply trying to discern what her lover had in mind for later. She had always tried to deduce such, and had always failed. She loved it.

He broke their visual tango long enough to signal the waiter for their bill, then set his gaze upon her once again. No words were spoken for the next few minutes as they savored the last few sips of the full bodied and exotic Barolo, and allowed the tension to build without any further narration. She continued her under-the-table sensual massage, and he resisted her best efforts to divert his eyes from hers. He was well aware of the perfection of her décolletage, and her putting it on full display right now was her attempt to exercise a little influence on the moment. He gave her a deliberate wink and a subtle smile as he slowly downed his last sip of wine. That simple movement had the desired affect; her eyes widened a millimeter and she bit the left half of her lower lip, signally that her mind was grinding into an even higher gear. He loved allowing her imagination to take flight with such little direction; it was one of the most truly incredible things about his lover. He always started with her mind.

He cleared the tab, then waited the few seconds until they were alone again. Standing up as quickly and quietly as a jungle cat, he offered her his hand. She quickly slipped on her heels, grabbed his hand, and was gently but strongly pulled her into him for a strong embrace. Their eyes had still not left one another. Pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, he kept his hand going to the back of her neck. Slowly, inexorably, he pulled her into a long and passionate kiss, right there, right in front of anyone with a view. It was an intense kiss; sweet, probing, raw, and possessive, Veronica would have collapsed if not for his strong arms. When he delicately ended the kiss, his gaze again took over, enhancing the pace of her racing heart. Her eyes were wide, and the clenches below were unstoppable.

With a soft smile, and a gentle final kiss, he took her hand and led her through the restaurant towards the front entrance. It was only then that Veronica realized that the entire place had gone silent; all eyes were on them. Charles did not care. He was moving on, intent on whatever was next in his plan.

They glided past the astonished maître d’, and turned right, heading down the dim but beautiful wood-paneled hallway towards the restrooms. He pushed open the door to the elegantly appointed, softly lit men’s room, standing aside to allow her to enter. Veronica hesitated for a second, then saw the look on his face. It brokered no argument. She quietly slid into the bathroom, and took a position in the approximate center.

Once the door quietly shut, he locked the deadbolt, then slowly turned and took a single, quiet, deliberate step. It placed him directly in front of, and above her. His wolfish smile had returned. There was no movement at all for a few seconds; the proverbial calm before the storm. He was a master of anticipation.

Slowly his right hand rose and was gently placed at the base of her throat. His smile widened slightly as he lightly squeezed, enhancing the primal feel of the moment. With that simple motion, he took possession of her; all of her. Slowly he pushed her against the wall.

His voice was suddenly low and slightly menacing as he whispered, “Your hands. Behind your back. Now.”

Veronica’s heart leapt and her pussy clenched hard. Such orders delivered in this manner moved her soul, and he knew it, which was why he used it so sparingly. Never removing her eyes from him, Veronica pushed her hips outward, creating room for her hands. She smiled up at him, knowing that his heart was racing just as fast as hers. He was just better at hiding it.

He relaxed his grip on her throat, then allowed it to drop to her left breast, where he started groping it gently at first, then with more purpose, periodically tweaking her nipple until it pressed hard against her bra. Veronica, still on fire from his kiss and now on tilt from this kind of sensation, had to seriously focus to control her breathing and the building urges. She knew her panties were soaked, and she knew that he knew.

He grinned, then lowered his mouth to take possession of her right breast. He made no attempt to expose it, instead sucking her nipple and areola into his mouth, right though her delicate bra and light blouse. Using the fabric and his tongue and teeth, he had her nipple aching for freedom in a few brief moments. She started slightly when he nipped down, sending a shock wave through her that made her knees wobble slightly, and her pussy clench hard. Again.

His hands were suddenly down to her knees, whereupon he roughly pulled up her skirt. A few seconds later, his face was a few inches from hers, and the palm of his hand rested on her panties, just above the drenched bit. The primal voice called out again.

“Spread your legs for me. Right fucking now!”

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8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Ignition by Vlad Lioncourt

  1. Adored this, full of erotic sensual suspense. I was right there in the moment with your two characters, I like how much you fleshed them out – enough but not too much. You have definitely left me wanting more.

  2. Thank you so very much for your kind words Posy. I am so happy you liked it, and that it sparked your imagination. High praise indeed.

  3. Thank you Kayla, for everything. You are a truly wonderful person to have helped me so much! It was fun, and I will definitely be back should inspiration strike again.

    I still have soooo much reading to do. This is a unique platform for amazing erotica.

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