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Masturbation Monday: Week 158 Roundup

Seems like life is always moving along at a crazy pace and this week has been no different. Reading all the great writing in this week’s Masturbation Monday has certainly provided a very welcome distraction. So many different genres to choose from, and they were all hot and spicy. I wouldn’t want to leave you all hanging so lets get into this week’s top three picks.

I Love a Man in a Suit by Asrai Devin

What can be said about a man in a suit? So many things really. How poised one can be, his look of control, being in charge of a situation. Those crisp clean lines of a freshly pressed suit. Who can resist? The big question though is can that poise behind the suit be broken? I’m not going to tell, you’ll just have to read and find out for yourself.

I love a man in a suit. The one in front of me particularly strikes my fancy. Glasses, pale blue tie done as tight as he could manage. Self-bondage and very controlled. I fantasize about these men coming undone. About how I would make them come undone. Keep reading.

Home by Lascivious Lucy

Lucy has a way of painting images with her words and this installment did not disappoint at all. This male, female, male combination was rather hot and what made it even spicier was that it is clothed men and naked female. A very intense power exchange in a number of ways that really made this tale one not to miss.

Natalie felt the breeze occasionally reach under her skirt, and it reminded her just how bare and wet she still was. Will and Des had each twined their arms through her, sandwiching her between them. It made her feel both comforted and bound. It also meant that she couldn’t worry at the hem of her skirt. When the breeze caught it, and it flared around her thighs, she wondered if her naked ass was on display. Keep reading.

How Could I Resist by Tabitha Rayne

This story is truly fun to read. No matter what she is not going to allow herself to be distracted from getting what she wants. Playful and light, what she does to satisfy her need just shows her determination and satisfy her hunger.

Tamara ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth to savor the taste of him. She’d tried to stop but the jerking of his hips and surge in his balls gave made her lust for his orgasm and she hadn’t been able to resist. He tasted of everything she knew he would, sweet, salty, sexy. Oh the way he’d grabbed her hair, just right and fucked her face. Perfect. Keep reading.

Thanks to all who participated this week, so many wonderful writers and really good stories. After dealing with a hurricane and then the aftermath, this was an excellent way to forget and unwind.

A big thank you to Elliott for being our smutty prompt!

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