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Masturbation Monday: Week 160 Roundup

Well we had a little taste of fall here for a few days, the mornings were just delightful to wake up to with temps in the low 70’s. Sadly it was just a tease and it’s back to the heat and humidity again. Now though it’s time for a different kind of tease and some sexy heat. So let’s dive into the stories and see who brought on the heat for this week.

Possession by Cimmerian Sentiment

Possession by Cimmerian Sentiment is a hot story near and dear to my heart. The way he took possession of her was smoking. The things he said and did made me wonder if someone was peeking in on Kayla and I during one of our kinky moments. The added touch of begging was all i needed to push me over the edge.

After two hours of preening and perfecting myself for the party, I wanted it all undone. For three hours, I stole glances, touches and whispered promises from him. His tuxedo turned into a candy wrapper in my mind’s eye, one that withheld the most delectable of treats and one that would be opened the moment it could be done. Keep reading.

Hotel Vacation Sex by Nero Speaks

You have to love going on vacation and leaving it all behind like Nero does in Hotel Vacation Sex. Leaving behind all those inhibitions and the day to day grind of taking care of the house and family. It’s amazing when you’re someplace new, where no one can hear you. And even if they did, why would you care?

My wife was up and dressed and also on her way to the business centre to get all her important business stuff out of the way. She returned at about 8am and I was in bed watching CNN. She saw my hand under the blanket and assumed I was doing something. I wasn’t but she was making such a fuss, teasing me and asking me if she’d interrupted me jerking off (and seemingly excited by the thought) I ran with it. She asked me if I needed a little help and offered me a hand job. Keep reading.

When Male Bodies Meet by Dr. J

I will admit the scenario in When Male Bodies Meet by Dr. J is a bit of a fantasy of mine. It makes me wonder if she was peeking inside my head as she wrote it. Rafe’s reactions and the way Jason handled the entire situation was hot and steamy.

When the door closed behind Beth, I jumped off the couch and began pacing circles around the room. Her excitement and nervousness ran through my body. We were so in tune. Beth had told me that when she and Mara were alone, Mara focused on Beth’s orgasm. Alone time today meant that Beth would learn what it was like to be the giver. For my selfish reasons, I wanted her to have a good experience. I wanted our threesome to continue. Keep reading.

A lot of great stories this week (as usual!), and I admit it was hard picking just three. They were all different and unique in their own way and brought on the naughtiness and kinky fuckery with a vengeance. Thanks to all the great writers who participated this week.

Special thanks to Marie Rebelle for being our sexy prompt this week!

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