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Masturbation Monday: Week 161 Roundup

Well here we are once more on another Hump Day. I must say knowing I’ll be reading all these salacious stories has me looking forward to mid-week for more then just being on the downhill slide to the weekend. So so many excellent submissions this week. I’m really beginning to like this part of my job. I mean really…I get to read some hot-off-the-press erotica while drinking coffee. What’s not to love?

Anyway, here we go with my top three for this week.

Good by Letters to C

Good by Letters to C is powerful, intense, and mesmerizing. Right from the first line I was pulled in and like a moth drawn to the flame I couldn’t stop reading till the end. With each line, with each word, I felt like I was a part of this. Like I was witness to this fierce power exchange and asked to bear witness to this very personal and intimate moment carved out of time.

“You can look but you can’t touch me.
Or yourself.
Watch me, slut.
Hands away, and watch.
See me, touching the lips.
Can you taste me yet, bitch boy?
Okay, now touch yourself.
Long, slow strokes.
Slow down, cum slut.
You are going to want to feel EVERY second of this.
No spit – I want you to feel raw.” Keep reading.

Twin Gags by Joelle Casteel

Often have I heard about, read about, and even dipped my toes in sensory deprivation – taking away sight and sound when playing. Twin Gags by Joelle Casteel kicked it up a notch and perked up my ears (no pun intended) A very delightful way of looking at removing talk during a scene that had me going “Hmmm” maybe something new to try here.

Is it still a gag when it’s on the dominant… or when both dom and sub have their mouths held closed? He pondered as he pushed the Velcro pieces together on the back of his head; her mouth was held closed by a smaller size of the same harness, although her bound wrists prevented her from reaching the Velcro. Keep reading.

Watching from the Door by Michael Samadhi

I do love a good mind fuck. They are fun, powerful, and even in the smallest way, can pack a big punch. While short, Watching from the Door by Michael Samadhi packs a punch and delivers big. The way he gets inside her mind is nothing short of deliciously evil. The rise and fall of emotions is like a roller coaster ride and is conveyed so well in the story.

The old abandoned factory Master found was perfect for their fantasy. She’s been blindfolded and left kneeling on cold concrete floor. Hands tied behind her back. She’d given her Master consent for this scene weeks ago. Every day since she wondered when it would happen. If it would happen. Now it’s here. And she’s ready. Squirming, breathing, testing the rope binding her wrists. Feeling an intoxicating mix of fear and anticipation. Knowing there will be more than one man coming for her tonight….Keep reading.

So there you have it, my picks for this week. Thanks to all who participated this week. I enjoyed each and every read.

Did you know that this week’s prompt is none other than Kayla Lords? And yes, there will be more images of her in the future…

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