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Masturbation Monday: Week 162 Roundup

Wow, what a week it has been with so much going on and so many other things popping up (no pun intended) to keep me busy and the days flying by. I was certainly looking forward to this Wednesday’s round up for a much needed and very pleasant distraction from the day to day. All the wonderful people who participated didn’t disappoint either. So without further adieu let’s get into the good stuff.

Dance by Pixie Heart

I really did love Dance by Pixie Heart. To be greeted in such a loving caring way when arriving home from work at the end of a long day is heaven. From how the story starts with the thoughts and feelings of the shy submissive wanting to please to her tough but gentle Dom letting her give him her gift, the tale has a beauty to it. The story paints a sensual picture of love, desire, and need.

I draw the blinds, turn down the lights and pull a chair into the middle of the room. I pour a glass of wine, placing it on the table next to the chair. I find the right track on the iPod and have it ready to play as soon as I hear your hand on the door knob. I check myself in the mirror one last time, adjusting my bra strap, smoothing my hair down and reapplying my deep red lipstick. Then I knee at the side of your chair and wait. Keep reading.

Francine’s Goodbye Kiss by Nicci Haydon

A good-bye kiss, something that for many of us is simple and sweet and we make our way out the door to work at the beginning of our day. What about when it is more then that, when it really means good-bye? Francine’s Goodbye Kiss by Nicci Haydon was such a powerful story. I don’t just mean for the hotness it contains but for the emotions and turmoil that are the undercurrents when you say good-bye to someone you care about.

Celestia crouched low against the floor, peering through the gap under the TV stand, her arm twisting into the space as she searched for her controller. I couldn’t help giggling. It wasn’t sexy. Keep reading.

To Do List by Heather Cole

We all those those nasty nagging to do lists each and every day in our lives. Whether they are lists of things to be done at work or things that need tending around the house. Heather Cole’s The “To Do Me” List is a lot different from any of those and what a list it is. After reading it I had to take a break and cool off for a bit. It also make me think I need to start a new to do list and concentrate on getting those tasks done. Maybe some lists are meant to be fun.

The “Do To Me” list arrived on a sweltering October day when I was irritated with a client and hating living in a place where it was hot and humid in the damn fall. The brain behind the kinky to do list came from a delectable man hundreds of miles away. We had flirted for years yet remained on opposite sides of the country. Words like “what if” peppered our conversations, but our physical paths had never crossed. Recently he reached out and asked, what if we actually did something about this attraction? He was in a relationship and our physical distance remained, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What would we do if we actually got our hands on one another? Keep reading.

My thanks to all the wonderful writers this week and I’m already looking forward to the next.

Special thanks to Molly Moore for being our super-sexy prompt this week!

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