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Masturbation Monday: Week 163 Roundup

Well here we are again, not only is it Hump Day but it is also the day to pick my favorite three posts from this week’s Masturbation Monday. I’m beginning to think y’all are trying to do me in with all these great stories. What a great week with so many people participating and some new folks as well. Everyone certainly didn’t disappoint, and they were all so good in so many ways.

Giving a Good Handjob by May More

“Practice what you preach” is what we hear that so often in life. Giving a Good Handjob by May More provides a good example of giving some really great information. She not only passes that information along for others to learn from but offers a hot steamy example of putting that information into practice.

When I was fourteen I discovered a stash of dirty magazines under my brother’s bed. He was older than me and went off to work at 7 am. In that precious hour before school, I sought to educate myself in lusty matters. One story I found fascinating involved a woman giving a man a handjob. It included such topics as how to rub the shaft and droplets of pre-cum. I wasn’t even sure I knew what a shaft was. Keep reading.

Won’t You Write Me a Letter? by Lascivious Lucy

Emails, sexting, and apps like Skype has become so common in our connected life. What about when you share a video with someone and they in turn share one back with you? Lascivious Lucy’s Won’t You Write Me a Letter? takes this form of communication to  a whole new meaning and makes it sound like a fun way to play when there is physical distance between partners.

I watched your last video almost breathless. Your hand was stroking your cock mimicking the same motions I’d made. Watching you watching me left me feeling connected to you. but You may not be in the room, but our correspondence has created a link. You run a fingertip over your cock, teasing the same way I’d teased my nipples in the video. Keep reading.

Scarecrow by Scandarella

Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating with fun costumes, candy, and apple cider. What happens when things turn a little darker? Well I’m not going to give you any details only that Scarecrow by Scandarella is big on shock value, and it hits home big time at the end. If you like a good fright combined with some hot sexiness then don’t miss out on this tale.

“Gather around, guys. I want y’all to repeat what I just said so I know you know what you gotta do.”

It was so dark I couldn’t see a damned thing, but I knew I wasn’t the only one Luke was annoying. I’d practically heard the group eyeroll that his whip cracking had elicited. Tonight’s challenge was supposed to be fun but, as usual, he was turning it into a military exercise. Keep reading.

Thanks everyone for all the great stories this week. Keep ’em coming!

A big thank you to Marie Rebelle for being our spooky and sexy prompt this week!

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