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Masturbation Monday: Week 164 Roundup

Fall has finally and truly come to our part of the world. It didn’t come with a whisper but with darkened skies and a torrent of rain and wind. Behind that was the gentle caress of cool air and a rippling breeze that heralded the turning off of the A/C and windows pulled open with abject delight. Perfect weather for reading this week’s posts while enjoying a cup of my favorite coffee.  Yesterday’s maelstrom may have been a foretelling of the macabre yet highly erotic offerings spawned by this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt.

Part 2: Shacked up for Halloween by Cousin Pons

This week’s Shacked Up for Halloween is part two of a story Cousin Pons started a couple weeks back and this installment packed a wallop. The story within a story pulled me in and wouldn’t let go, holding me each word as I read. I could visualize the characters, especially the old man as he reminisced of what happened at the shack in the woods. Then as the end of the tale was made complete I sat back in my chair with an, “Oh wow.”

By morning the wind had stopped its whining.

I packed my gear and left what remained of the shack as quickly as I could. My cock felt sore from the ministrations of an evil spirit who had wanked me off during the night. Or had I dreamt it? Keep reading.

Danse Macabre by Scandarella

As Danse Macabre by Scandarella unfolded, I felt shivers creep down my spine as these two witnessed such an eerie dance. As the tune changed, it became a lust filled celebration drawing onlookers into its power till even they couldn’t resist its pull. The end was shocking and terrifying yet in the end they got what they desired the most.

We’ve been sitting in this mulchy undergrowth for over an hour. It’s cold, wet, and dark. The woodland floor is soft and decaying, but still alive with the comings and goings of critters preparing to bed down for the next seven months. They snuffle around us but don’t come close, actively avoiding the giants that have infiltrated their home. Keep reading.

Take Me by Nicci Haydon

Don’t we all have that one person who lives in our memories that we find it so hard to let go of? The person that is with us as we go about our lives during the day and then haunts us as the day slips away and the blackness of night envelopes us? That desire to be with someone is captured so well by Nicci Haydon’s Take Me, pulling the reader in. She beautifully captures the consuming passion that is never satisfied making you want to throw your life away to experience it forevermore.

The wind howled through the room from the open window, the pale curtain billowing like a banshee, and I knew that she was there. Keep reading.

Some wonderfully erotic and ghostly tales this week. I believe I will be sleeping with the light on tonight.

A special thank you and shout-out to Maria Merian for being our eerie, spooky, and sexy prompt this week!

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