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Masturbation Monday: Week 167 Roundup

Here we are once again my good folks, another Masturbation Monday Roundup. I must say what a pleasure it has been this week. So many good writers and so many good stories to entice, enthrall, and excite.

Starting Point by Sassy Cat

We all have to start somewhere and in Starting Point by Sassy Cat, it sounds like she has found her jumping off point. There are times we all want some alone time to enjoy yet there is always that tickle in the back of your mind. Will there be the sound of a car in the drive? Will the door bell ring or someone arrive home unexpectedly? Or will her need outweigh the unrest? You’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out.

I usually have my “me time” before I leave for work. I try to give myself an hour or two to build myself up, tease myself and watch some porn. I hadn’t masturbated in a few days and was really wanting a big release before I went out partying with friends. I wanted that release so it wouldn’t distract me nor get me into any situation that I may regret later. Keep reading.

12-11-17_16:44 by Dokurtybitz

There are times a memory is all you have to cling to. I remember when Kayla and I had nothing but the sound of our voices to carry us till the next visit. Is what Dokurtybitz shares with us what she thought of after I left from a visit? Is this how she sustained herself till the next time I walked through her door?

Streaming over
Soft skin,
Hands glide
Soap slick Keep reading

Stockings, Ripped Shirts, and Observations by May More

Many times I have been on the other side of what she expresses, the one administering. This is such an intense and erotic insight to the other side. I drank in each word of Stockings, Ripped Shirts, and Observations by May More, savoring each drop. On top of all that it gave me some ideas that I think I will be trying out as well.

“Why don’t you sit down over there,” he says, distracting me from fiddling with my stockings.

He points to the sofa a few feet away from the table where we are sitting. I do as he tells me and he places a candle on the cabinet next to my seat, to light my face, sits down opposite and looks intently at me without saying a word. Keep reading.

There you have it — this week’s three picks. A big thank you to everyone who participated this week – you are certainly keeping me on my toes.

Special thank you to The Zen Nudist aka Kilted Wookie for being our wonderful prompt!

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