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Masturbation Monday: Week 169 Roundup

What a crazy balls-to-the-wall week it has been for me (and it’s only Wednesday!), but I’ve been rising to the occasion and hitting it hard right back. When I had the chance to sit for a few minutes and read all the contributions for this week, I didn’t hesitate. I wasn’t disappointed, either, as it made my downtime rather enjoyable. Anyway here we go and here are my picks for this week.

Wax and Steel by Molly Moore

I’ve always been intrigued by wax play, although it is something I’ve never taken the plunge into. After reading Molly Moore’s Wax and Steel, I believe I will need to move it up on the list and make it a priority. The heat isn’t just the whole interaction of the story but getting inside the mind of the one having the wax dripped on them. I always find that fascinating, seeing things through their eyes and how they view and feel it.

He lights the fire and draws the curtains. When I ask him what he is doing he tells me that he wants the room nice and warm so that I won’t get cold when he takes all my clothes off. It is only when he lays the sheet out that I know what he has planned. Keep reading.

A New Perspective by Jadis of Tits and Test Tubes

As one who both wears glasses and finds glasses sexy as hell, I loved this. When I take off my glasses I see things in a whole new way. Not always good, mind you. A New Perspective from Tits and Test Tubes certainly does bring about a whole new perspective as it is titled. Add in the twist and it made it fun and highly erotic.

She’s waiting for me on her knees, like I told her too. Without my glasses, even the familiarity of my bedroom is a little blurry, and the girl on her knees decidedly different to my girlfriend. Shaggy, just-been-fucked hair fell around her face, and she was looking up at me over thick-rimmed glasses, biting her lip to hold back her smirk. Her eyes are alight with mischief. Keep reading.

The Innkeeper and his Wife by Ghostwritten

It is often said when one door closes another will open and that is exactly what happens here. Now granted it may not be in the way we would expect but is it ever really? In the throws of heartbreak, this young lad stumbles across something (The Innkeeper and His Wife, to be exact by Ghostwritten) unexpected (or was it?) which leads him on a most pleasurable journey.

A warm wind carried her sounds into the trees. The small stand of maples and bay was dense enough that I couldn’t see her at first, but only hear her whimpers and cries. Keep reading.

So, so many well-written contributions this week and even a few new faces which is always nice to see. Thanks to all who contributed in this weeks Masturbation Monday!

Special thanks to May More for being our lovely prompt!

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