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Masturbation Monday: Week 170 Roundup

Well we’re headed into the Christmas season and I can tell many of you are well on your way, too! Good thing it doesn’t snow where I live because with all the heat brought on by this week’s stories, it would have melted. But anyway, enough of that. Let’s get on with the reason why you’re here — this weeks picks.

A Christmas Cub by Joelle Casteel

Joelle Casteel’s A Christmas Cub touched me in the best of ways. There is a stigma that D/s is stern, rough, and tough. It is thought that tenderness and laughter is weakness. Not so. Not so at all. This story breaks all those barriers and in a tender yet sexy way.

Tom tossed the Santa hat over his hard cock when his bedroom door opened unexpectedly.
“And what is my darling hubby doing?” August teased as he barreled into the room.
“Please, Sir, don’t call me hubby,” Tom muttered. Keep reading.

Sex in the Afternoon by Brigit Delaney

I’ve been told I snore on occasion, but I don’t believe it as I’ve never heard myself snore. Now if in fact I did snore I would certainly want the cure from Sex in the Afternoon by Brigit Delaney used to help this noisy offender.

He was stretched out next to her on the couch, softly snoring with his feet propped on the coffee table. She looked at him sleeping there, his body vulnerable under her gaze, and desire blossomed like an explosive pocket of heat in her chest. Keep reading.

More then Friends: Night One by Asrai Devin

I love being inside someone’s head and knowing what they’re thinking at a particular time. What they feel, the emotions they are feeling at any given time, and even being privy to some secrets. Asrai Devin delivers all that and some heat in More Than Friends, a story about a cam girl and her regular caller.

I became a cam girl a few months ago when I was low on funds. My rent was increased, my job cut my overtime, and I didn’t know of any quick options other than begging my friends for money. I couldn’t take the embarrassment, so I turned on my webcam, found a website that paid well, and made it work. Keep reading.

There were SO many great stories by so many writers this week! Thanks to each and everyone of you who participated.

Special thanks to sub-Bee and her partner for being our sexy Christmasy prompt!

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