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Masturbation Monday: Week 171 Roundup

Well, all things considered, the weather has been much colder for this time of the year in Florida than normal. I was trying to do some work outside and got chilled to the bone. What better way to warm up then by turning up the heat and reading some hot erotic stories for Masturbation Monday? They didn’t disappoint either. I had to peel off a layer or two. That the stories were all so festive made them even more fun to read.

Anyway onto the reason why we are here.

I’m Afraid of Jinxing It by Hyacinth Jones

I’m Afraid of Jinxing It by Hyacinth Jones was actually two very hot stories rolled into one. Each one brought on the heat in their own way. What really hit me as I read it was the unbridled passion that I felt with each word. There was a simple joy of just being in the moment and taking it all in while reveling in what has been found.

My thighs cradled him as he pumped deeply into me, his kisses deep and fervent.  Somehow he managed to hold himself up and reach around my bottom, shift my flesh and slip a strong finger into my asshole.  I cried out and ground down hard on him, clutched at every sinewy, flexing muscle I could.  He growled in my ear. Keep reading.

Christmas Eve by Molly Moore

Christmas Eve by Molly Moore made me chuckle; it made me think; it got me hot. I think at one point or another we have all had thoughts of a bit of bah humbug when it comes to the holidays. This look at Santa was both different and exciting. As a Daddy Dom, reading this really got me thinking…

Every little girl wants Santa to visit them and Stacy was no exception. Every year she would dress up on Christmas Eve, pour herself a glass of Baileys and fuck herself stupid to the thoughts of the ultimate Santa Claus coming to visit. Keep reading.

Second Dessert by ChinaDoll320

Who doesn’t like dessert? Not many people I know! I would be more then happy to go back for seconds on many occasions especially if it something sweet. Second Dessert by ChinaDoll320 is hot and the details of it made it even more so — from the impression of the bag being laid down on the bed to the unseen footsteps. I think I’m going back for seconds.

Abigail was about ready to explode by the end of dinner. Her Master had taken her to the fancy new European-style restaurant that had communal seating, meaning he had been playing with her non-stop since the time they sat down to when he paid the check and escorted her into the car service back to his place. And he’d placed his bag on the floor between them, which meant her foot pressed against the aged leather as a constant reminder of what was to come. Keep reading.

Thank you to everyone who participated this week! Ya’ll certainly know how to turn up the heat.

And a special thank you to Molly Moore for being our festive and smut-inspiring prompt!

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