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Masturbation Monday: Week 172 Roundup

This past week had been one of jumping from one thing to the next with little to no breathing room in between. In all honesty I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to end. Thankfully it did, and it also meant that another week of reading the delicious submissions for Masturbation Monday was here. All these stories are hot enough to melt ice. All my thoughts of the past week quickly faded to the background as I read.

Mistletoe by Lascivious Lucy

One of the things I love about the holidays is getting a kiss under the mistletoe and Lascivious Lucy’s Mistletoe exemplified that in the best of ways. At one time or another there has been that Christmas party we’ve all attended that was just plain boring and stuffy. This party however had a great deal of joy in it.

A holiday party at a sex club sounded exactly like the kind of hijinks Liz wanted. She slipped into the gorgeous red lingerie set that had been a gift from one of her beaus. She topped it off with a leopard trimmed Santa hat, and headed out the door. Keep reading.

He Called Me Fuckpuppet by Hannah Lockhardt

Humiliation is one of those things you either love it or you hate it. I love it and He Called Me Fuckpuppet by Hannah Lockhardt. The mental gymnastics going through her mind as she processed the name she was given was amazing. The back and forth was like watching a well played game of tennis.

He called me fuckpuppet.

I thought I was a sweet girl.
Cute girl.
Naughty girl who slowly peeled off her sodden knickers in front of the unflinching eye of the webcam. Keep reading.

Most Highly Favoured Lady by Scandarella

I have to say Most Highly Favoured Lady by Scandarella caught me right from the start. Sometimes a message can be delivered in the most unusual way and in this tale it was hot, very erotic, and very mystical.

I was starting to think that insisting on going for a walk on my own so late at night was a bad idea. Snow had started to fall just as I’d stepped outside. It had come down in short, light sprinklings then, building on the drifts that had fallen over the past week, but now that I was too far from home it was quickly turning into a blizzard. Keep reading.

Many many thanks to everyone who participated this week. You all really brought the heat in your own wonderful way.

A special thanks to EA_Unadorned for being our scrumptious prompt this week!

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