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Masturbation Monday: Week 174 Roundup

Well, here we are in a New Year, which I hope was both fun and safe for everyone. For us, it’s vacation time, visiting family and doing some traveling. Travels which brought us further north, but still in the south. But it is much much colder then anything I have been used to for a very long time. The stories this week brought on some much welcome and much needed heat to warm things up around here.

The Calendar Man by Dr. J

With the onset of a New Year it’s time for us to hang out those new calendars so we can mark our path through the days weeks and months. Calendar Man by Dr. J offers some eye-catching heat. Even if the main character only grudgingly is willing to have a helping hand in choosing the upcoming years calendar photo selections.

My phone buzzed in my hand. Tricia.

“Hey, Macy. Are you in the yoga studio?”

“I’m just leaving. Why?”

“Stop and look at the bulletin board.”

“I’m already in the car. What is it?”

“There’s a fundraiser tonight for the domestic abuse shelter. You have to go with me.” Keep reading.

New Years Resolutions by ChinaDoll320

The New Year brings about for many the task of making resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Throw in a bit of Master and submissive along with a power exchange as we see in New Years Resolutions by ChinaDoll320, and those goals take on a whole new meaning.

Helena knelt before her Master as he used her mouth.
After the semester ended, he’d told her to stay with him and to tell her parents that her advisor had hired her as a paid intern for his book. It was news that thrilled her mother, but her father had immediately asked about her housing situation. Her Master had told her to say that since it was a paid academic internship, the school would pay for her housing. That appeased her father and here she was, living at the foot of her Master day in and day out. Keep reading.

The Toy by Cimmerian Sentiment

Parties can be fun or not depending on your point of view. Add in a dare between two friends and a couple of toys which make for some interesting interactions. The Toy by Cimmerian Sentiment builds to a crescendo and ends on a good note of the promise of more to come. I think I would be more than happy to attend a party like this.

“Come on Sadie it will be fun.”
I licked my lips. I was going to but I didn’t want her to know I wanted to. “You first Tess.” I prompted my friend. Keep reading.

A happy New Year to everyone and big thanks to all who participated in Masturbation Monday this week.

Special thanks to Adam of Godemiche for being our lit-up and sexy prompt!

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