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Masturbation Monday: Week 175 Roundup

As fun as the holidays were, it is nice to be home. I’m still easing into a new but somewhat normal routine once again. I know most of you wouldn’t understand, but being a Florida boy at heart, it is nice to be back to wearing shorts and a t-shirt again. Those four days of Florida winter were down right brutal. Anyway, on to the reason why we are all here. So so many good stories this week for Masturbation Monday. I read, reread, took a break and came back to read some more. All the while in my mind was the reminder, “There can be only three.”

Well This Happened Last Thursday by Nero Black

Right off the bat Nero hit some serious tones with me. I love a good tale that involves getting in some good licks and Well This Happened Last Thursday by Nero Black did that for me. It had my mind moving a million miles a minute and I kept reading one word to the next. There was a brief moment of pause that had me screaming to myself “NO!” Thankfully it didn’t end there and the story was able to continue to a very hot conclusion.

We got home at about 1am, after visiting another couple for dinner at their vacation home near ours. The three of them polished off three or four bottles of wine between them, while I remained the sober driver. I think my wife and the other guy drank the most, since his wife was doing the cooking. He used to work for my wife, but quit when she sold the company five years ago. Keep reading.

Sounds Like Mutual Masturbation by Zara of RisqueViews

Two people together, both pleasuring themselves yet one is drawn to the sound of a voice. There is so much power in a voice and I don’t mean one that is shouting but one that speaks in smooth even tones. A voice that carries conviction. And we all experienced that in abundance in Sounds Like Mutual Masturbation by Zara of RisqueViews, a newcomer to Masturbation Monday!

I experienced something out of the ordinary the other day. Afterwards I lay there laughing in pleasure and disbelief, my body still tingling. The happiness and satisfaction I felt in those moments, it was truly orgasmic – a moment of pure pleasure. Keep reading.

What’s in the Bag Part 1 by Brigit Delaney

It’s always fun to spice things up in the bedroom and that’s what made What’s In the Bag by Brigit Delaney fun and oh so sexy. Her hesitation at first and then how she moves forward with her plan and embraces it. The cliff hanger though, has my mind working in overdrive as to what could be in the bag.

Emily looked into the bag she had brought with her into the kitchen and felt minutely silly over its contents. Spicing things up in the bedroom was not her strong suit, and she found herself too often falling back on cliche, rather worn-out ideas. Not that he’d likely care. Cliche or not, if she were trying, Sam would be pleased enough. Keep reading.

Thank you all so much to all the writers this week! So many good stories made it very difficult…or should I say hard to choose.

Special thanks to Elliott Henry for being our smokin’ hot prompt!

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