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Masturbation Monday: Week 176 Roundup

It’s that time of the week again and I’m shivering through another bout of Florida winter. Thankfully there were lots of great stories to warm me up and get the blood flowing.  I know it’s much colder in other places so I won’t keep you any longer to share the heat.

Laura’s Christmas by Marie Rebelle

I do love a tale that takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions and boy Laura’s Christmas by Marie Rebelle did in a big way. We all have fantasies, and there is usually a one big one that seems to always be there, niggling at you. I want it, I don’t want it, back and forth over and over in your mind. What happens when that big fantasy becomes a reality? Is it embraced with open arms and no regrets that you did it? Or is it the opposite, that it should have been buried away never to see the light of day?

With a dramatic sign Laura planted her bottom on the bar stool and leaned her chin on her hands.
“Heavy day, girlie?” Jan, the bar owner, asked, while he put a wine glass in front of her and pour red wine in it.
“Thanks, Jan. I really need this,” said Laura, and only then she answered his question: “the day was okay, but man oh man, the Christmas dinner. Such a fuss every year.”
“Ah yes, the Christmas dinner with your colleagues!”
“Exactly! Boooooring!”
Laura pulled a face to emphasize how boring the dinner was before she took a big sip of her wine. Keep reading.

Watching by The Zen Nudist

I’ll admit it. I am a watcher. There is something powerful about it, as Watching by The Zen Nudist shows. As a watcher you get to soak everything in, each little nuance, every sight and sound. You can drink it up like a fine wine. As a watcher you can do so in rapt silence or at other times be a cheering section. Other times with just a few well spoken words, you can change the outcome and maybe even become a participant.

Much as I enjoy being responsible for my partner’s orgasm, there is something intensely arousing and intimate when I watch her pleasure herself. Keep reading.

Begged by Cammies on the Floor

That sweet line between pleasure and pain is such a fine line. So many conflicting sensations and yet when they collide, a battle ensues each one wanting to come out on top. Or in some cases like in Begged by Cammies on the Floor, they walk hand in hand and side by side to elicit a conundrum in the mind of “no more” or “more.” When the mind finally makes that decision it can be in the form of sweet begging for more of both pleasure and pain.

It began with laying in the middle of the bed, putting on a blindfold. The vast majority of our scenes begin with such a start. Keep reading.

A big thanks to all the wonderful writers that participated this week. You make my job difficult every single week, and I love it!

Special thanks to Hyacinth Jones for being our sexy, sexy prompt this week.

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