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Masturbation Monday: Week 180 Roundup

I missed last week, but I’m back, and I’m rested, well fed, and caught up on my sleep. Kayla is doing better and now we’re moving forward. What a way to come back, with a great prompt from Jadis of Tits & Test Tubes and so many wonderful stories to go along with the picture.

So without any further hesitation lets dive into the amazing posts for this week.

Sunshine and Frolics for May by May More

There is so much talk about what constitutes sex. If you ask a dozen people, you get a dozen different answers. My take is whatever makes you feel good in the moment. That’s where May More is in Sunshine and Frolics for May. She’s in the moment, soaking up the sunshine and fresh air enjoying life in a hot and steamy way.

I suppose as I was growing up I thought intercourse was SEX. But as life progressed I realised that I actually wanted sex, but not always intercourse. It depended on the person I was getting down and dirty with, and what I hoped to gain or get sexually from them. I found more and more that sex – to me – was sexual activity that I enjoyed, that he enjoyed, but not necessarily including intercourse. Keep reading.

Label You by Molly Moore

Eyes…I love eyes. I have always believed that someone’s eyes are the windows to their soul. They tell a story, many stories, if truth be told. When I first meet someone I always, without hesitation, look into their eyes. The picture along with the words in Label You by Molly Moore tells a story in her eyes that is thrilling and exciting.

I put you where you belong and label you as what you are
Mine to use as I wish
And the look you show me as I call you that
Shows me that you know it too. Keep reading.

Swinging 2 by Jerusalem Mortimer

As one who has been in the playground after dark and been the one to push someone on the swings, Swinging 2 by Jerusalem Mortimer, tugged at me. The innocence of it and how the moment slowly builds. I melted at his description of her as he pushed her on the swing. Delightful, fun, and very erotic.

When you’re pushing a girl on a swing, and she’s wearing only a little pair of shorts and a pair of sandals, it can be hard to decide where to put your hands. So for the first few pushes, I pushed Stephanie with my hands just under her shoulders, so she could fly to the furthest extent the arc allowed. it was effective, and chaste. Keep reading.

So there you have it, my top three for this week. So many great stories by so many wonderful writers, as always. A big thanks to all who participated.

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