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Masturbation Monday: Week 181 Roundup

After listening to Kayla’s reactions while reading this week’s Masturbation Monday stories, I wanted to dive right in. This week’s prompt by Wiggly Kitty certainly stirred the writers and brought about some excellent stories.

Power as Aphrodisiac by Master’s Pleasing Bitch

Power, especially when paired with a D/s relationship, is intense. That power can be intoxicating to both parties involved. Julie of MPB explains it so well in Power as Aphrodisiac — how that power touches you to the core of your being and elicits such deep carnal responses.

It is the power that Master has over me that turns him on. He frequently articulates this to me. When I call him Master, refer to myself as this girl, his slut or most recently cum rabbit*, he tells me just how much is turns him on. And this is highly likely to transfer itself to his trousers. His cock will grow and harden, filling his pants and trousers. A direct result of the words spoken by us. Keep reading.

The Shoemaker by Cousin Pons

What a creative use of the prompt! Right from the start I was pulled into The Shoemaker by Cousin Pons and the character he created. While the tension from beginning to end shifted in several different ways, I felt it from the first right up to the last.

I barely have time to tell you all this dear friend for if I am not with my master shortly my time as a shoemaker will be ended. Even though I am the finest maker of shoes in this city he will be within his rights to strike me from his employ. Keep reading.

The Ad by Briget Delaney

What an interesting premise The Ad by Briget Delaney is! I know many of us at one time or another have been there when a relationship becomes stagnant. There are numerous “How to’s” that give ideas to spice things up and get back on track. This story steps outside the box and has the potential to be full of promise or maybe ramifications?

Jaime scrolled down through the menu of options on the local newspaper’s website, looking for the online classified ad purchasing options. It was a weird ad to post, but she’d been thinking about it for some time. After years of trying option after option, it seemed less a desperate last attempt than the smartest thing she should have done months (or even years) ago. Keep reading.

Big thanks to everyone who participated this week with all their hot and spicy tales.

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