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Masturbation Monday: Week 183 Roundup by Mrs. Robinson

A massive thanks to Mrs. Robinson for being the very first blogger to choose the top three Masturbation Monday posts for week 183. She’s an amazing writer in her own right, and if you haven’t checked out her blog, you need to. At the same time, she’s always amazingly supportive, helpful, and positive. I hope one day to meet her in person. 

I am honored and delighted to select the Top 3 Masturbation Monday entries this week, but choosing was SO difficult! My truly erotic writing started right here at Masturbation Monday just a short time ago, so I’m excited for the opportunity to give back and honor Kayla’s tireless efforts. The creativity displayed in these posts constantly inspires me and helps me work to improve my own writing. I enjoyed exploring each entry, wishing I could pick everyone – they’re all fantastic, but alas, I must choose three. Here are the top three posts that spoke to me this week.

Right Through Me by Ina Morata

The magic of Right Through Me by Ina Morata is in the surreal fantasy of a lover who you can see and connect with, without actually touching. I absolutely loved the desperation for his touch, the way Ina’s portrayal pulled and drew me into the mind and heart of a woman who made her lover as real as if he was right there with her. In the end, my heart ached along with hers, and I cannot wait to read more of this story.

She carries the box, her insides whirring, the heart printed in the top left corner the signal that she must open it in her bedroom and nowhere else. Her fingers quivering, she strips it of its brown paper layer and removes a card. Read more.

Real Men Do the Dishes by Mischa Eliot

I love a man who does the dishes! Who doesn’t? Real Men Do the Dishes by Mischa Eliot was in “his” POV, and it was hot as hell. I particularly enjoyed the way he discovered her watching him, wearing one of his shirts. It was a scene I could picture in a movie. The writing here is so sexy, but the connection between these two, the way she didn’t scold him for his tardy evening, but let him “make it up to her” – oh, my heart. Great writing. And I adore great kitchen sex.

Friday night date night. Late night at work. Missed it again. She’d be okay, though. She knew running a business sometimes took over and wiped away plans. Especially when there was something happening you couldn’t avoid. We’d make it up tonight or tomorrow. That’s when I remembered it wasn’t a date night out, it was a date night in. Friends were coming over to have dinner, drinks, and play games. Fuck. Read more.

The Blue Shirt by Cousin Pons

I really enjoyed the build in The Blue Shirt by Cousin Pons. The way her feet were described in delicate sandals, working the pedals to shift through gears. The description of her hand on the shift knob – being the driver of a manual, I could envision the scene in my mind and it added a layer of depth to the author’s brilliant, descriptive style. The bit of humor interspersed with their flirtations and passionate exploration made for a lovely read. I’m looking forward to more!

She picked me up at Nice station and drove me up into the hills to a small villa near Venice. After hours on the train it was exhilarating to feel the wind in my face as we raced along in her open top sports car. Read more.

Thank you to Hyacinth for being our sexy and quite inspiring prompt this week! Another thank you to all the writers who participated and to Mrs. Robinson for choosing the top three!

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