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Masturbation Monday Week 184 Roundup by Violet Fawkes

I have enjoyed getting to know Violet Fawkes of Fire and Honey through her blog and on Twitter. If you have not checked out her blog, go and do that! Check out her top three picks this week and then read the rest of the Masturbation Monday posts and decide for yourself which you loved best. It’s not easy picking three from such an amazing line-up. 
I have always been a reader because reading is such a comforting form of escapism. Stories transport us and give us relief from the crushing realities of the day to day and give us the latitude to experience new things and travel without ever leaving the comfort of our favorite chair, or even our beds. This week’s entries were stellar, and I enjoyed all of them and the variety among them. Here are the three that took me the furthest from real life, that allowed me suspend reality and engage in luscious fantasy and sexy distraction.

-12.03.18_2:00- by DokUrtybitz

The tone of this piece by DokUrtybitz is so direct and plain with lines like “Wanting another orgasm/That’s sitting on my balls” yet there’s also such an urgency and a sense of longing. I felt like I could imagine his hand moving away with the last line … close but yet so far, just like his Paramour.
Stroking yet again,
Thoughts of her
Keeping me hard,
Wanting another orgasm Keep reading

Hair Trigger (2) by Indigo Byrd

The description of the massage alone could be an entire post. Holy, moly, Hair Trigger by Indigo Byrd is a sexy piece, and I don’t even connect with the hair adoration/fetishization. I just loved the pacing and the way I could feel the characters interacting. One of the sexiest things I have read in quite some time.
The first time we met his hair was tied back in a plait, and I was too busy with my own nerves  to notice it properly.  Which should indicate how tightly wound I was at the time. However while I don’t know if my erotic appreciation of people with a physically overt Asian heritage was in evidence in the time, it certainly received a substantial kick start when he opened the door. Keep reading.

Caught – Part 1 by Nicci Haydon

I loved Caught by Nicci Haydon for the voyeuristic point of view, particularly as it was shower voyeurism, which somehow is always super hot to me. I’m excited that this is part 1 which means there will be more! “And there between his legs his cock swung lazily.” Such a great line and so perfectly captured the relaxation of someone showering unaware that they are being admired. Very sexy stuff.
Coren must have thought he was there alone.

After all, usually the apartment was empty on a Thursday evening, when I was out at football practice and Hugh had date night with Amelia. But that night, football was cancelled. Keep reading.

Thanks to Molly Moore for being our sensuous and sexy prompt and to Violet Fawkes for doing the difficult but also sexy work of choosing the top three posts this week!

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