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Masturbation Monday Week 185 Roundup by Wriggly Kitty

I have loved Wriggly Kitty since I first saw her blog, and then I got to spend time with her at Eroticon this year. In person she’s just as amazing and talented as she is in writing. A big thanks to her for picking this week’s top three!
When I saw that Kayla was looking for people to do the Masturbation Monday roundup, I leapt at the chance. Totally forgetting, of course, how hard it is! I had so many runners up, but had to make a decision and went with my gut instincts, surprising myself that I chose three fiction pieces. In no particular order, these were my picks:

Taking in a Movie by Asrai Devin

I’m a huge fan of this series – the dialogue is great, the characters real and I regularly stalk Asrai’s blog for the next installment. This chapter didn’t disappoint and I find myself longing to be in Chloe’s shoes (or should that be boots, to fit in with this week’s prompt?) in her interactions with TJ.
I watch Chloe crawl around hooking up the camera to the TV. I don’t think she realizes her ass in the air, waving around and that it’s making me hotter. Keep reading.

A Hard Caning by Marie Rebelle

I love reading kink erotica when there’s such a huge element of control, and that “want not want” feeling. And Marie Rebelle handles the story beautifully, weaving in consent and desire until the story hits its, and the character’s, climax.
A week ago Rose made this appointment with him. She wanted to be hurt. Really hurt. She wanted to feel the pain. Keep reading. Keep reading.

The Wife Coach, part 4 “Red Sky” by Brigit Delaney

I’d somehow missed the first few installments of this series, and the latest chapter pulled me right in, so and I went and caught up. There’s so much in the subtext of Brigit’s writing – the conflict, needs and wants, the ebb and flow of relationships. It’s just a beautiful series that I’ll continue to keep an eye out for.
Jaime sat at the counter by the window, looking at the busy street and the rain drizzling down the window in front of her. Her black coffee breathed soft grey steam from its white, ceramic mug. She put her hands around it to warm them and glanced down at her boots. They were impractical for the weather and for the day. Suede. The heel too high and thin for work. Kurt had questioned her choice when she left that morning, his eyebrow raised as he scratched his bed-rumpled hair. Keep reading.
As always a huge thanks to the writers who participated this week, Wriggly Kitty for taking on the difficult job of picking her three faves, and sub-bee for being our fabulous prompt!

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  1. Oh, thank you so much! This story has sucked me in, and I’m having a great time just trying to figure out where it will take me next. That others are loving it, too, gives me motivation to keep following my characters down the rabbit hole.

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