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Masturbation Monday Week 187 Roundup by Indigo Byrd

I’ve only recently gotten to know Indigo Byrd, as I do with most bloggers I love, through Masturbation Monday. Her blog is filled with self-exploration, intimate and erotic photography, and sexy fantasy and fact. I was absolutely delighted when she agreed to pick our top three Masturbation Monday posts this week.

This week’s prompt was an electrifying photograph of Mrs Robinson and her husband in the midst of a sexy “claiming hug”. The beauty of the image, the contrast of soft breast, firm hands and differing skin tones were deliciously arousing in its own right. I generally tend to appreciate written erotica more than visuals, however images such as this week’s prompt are very inspiring, both for viewers and also clearly for the 22 writers who took part.

I’m being bold and a bit naughty and linking this roundup to my contribution to the #30DayOrgasmFun challenge. All of my selections are ones that made me want to get my toys out, whip aside my knickers and get down to business. And I discovered that a very delightful benefit of doing the Roundup is the opportunity to read the stories that made you hot for a second and perhaps third time.

I love writing which draws me into an experience as well as telling a good story. So given that there were a number of entries that did just that this week I hope my selections also hit the mark for you. Another Hot Button for me is “first time” and my selections this week tick both those boxes.

Caught Part 3 by Nicci Haydon

Like many others I enjoy reading male on male erotica and this week Nicci Haydon’s Caught part 3 not only pressed that button but several others including the anticipations of “first time”. Nicci is an accomplished writer and her characters were hunky, fun, and believable. I especially enjoyed being inside the perceptions of Ed as he mentally negotiates the interaction with his friend Coren. Of course she left us on a cliffhanger and I – like several others who commented am eager to discover what happens next.

I let out a long sigh as my fingers finally ran along the length of my shaft, stimulating the sensitive nerves as I watched Coren tossing himself off. Fuck, it felt good. The head of my cock was swollen and I squeezed it gently between my thumb and forefinger, moaning and half closing my eyes as the blood was forced back. Keep reading.

Molly: The First by Quiller Costello 

I started following Quiller only very recently, instantly captivated by his style, his stories and the insights into his relationship(s). In this piece of writing Quill invites us to observe him in his callow youth and introduces us to the delightfully feisty Molly (something about that name), who (eventually) sees his potential despite some extremely irritating and un-socialized ways.

I loved that Quiller made no bones about his own lack of sensitivity and awkwardness at that time, nor about how she sorted him out. His writing activated my sensory interests beautifully (and it wasn’t just the Southern Comfort) and I find myself draw into the past experience while reflecting on the ways our past lives shape us in the present.

I have of late been led to a great deal of reminiscence and reflection, in which I’ve realized what a debt of gratitude I owe to my women, and how lucky I have been to consort with such strong, powerful and sexy creatures as they, not a one of whom has ever been willing to just put up with my male pattern bullshit. Keep reading.

The Day I Humped My Womanizer by Marie Rebelle

Like many of you, I’ve been following the fortunes of Marie Rebelle and Master T as they ride out the difficulties of their respective sadness and depression. I applaud Rebel’s patience in a very difficult situation and was heartened by her previous description of events with Master T in the Hotel room post Eroticon. I’ve also cried in sympathy on various occasions as she’s discussed her sadness after her mum’s passing.

But this week Rebel had me in joyful tears as she recounted the moments of reconnection with her husband. While not technically a first time, I know that wonderful sensation of a return to the beloved flesh. While the story didn’t arouse me physically, it aroused my heart and soul, and that was wonderful. I suspect it will do the same for you.

It was the weekend after Eroticon and for a couple of days already I felt this twitch in my crotch, alerting me that it was time for an orgasm. The last one had been at my own hand on the Friday morning in Camden, while Master T was downstairs smoking a cigarette. I actually could have slept some more but since hotel rooms always make me horny, I decided masturbating was a better idea. Keep reading.

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