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Masturbation Monday Week 188 Roundup by Zara Smith

A big welcome and thank you to Zara Smith of RisqueViews for agreeing to read through so many delightfully smutty posts for Masturbation Monday this week. All the bloggers and writers made the job difficult which is a great thing! How do you pick your favorite smut? Very, very carefully, lol. Zara included an honorable mention and a couple other faves at the end!

More Than Friends: Pushing Limits by Asrai Devin

The third installment in the mini series Asrai Devin is writing has got me hooked. I want to know what happens next. The end cliffhanger leaves me with heightened emotions as I think back over experiences in my life, that I’m sure many can relate to. I really hope it ends well for Taylor and Chloe who seem to make such a good match.

They share a hot scene with restraints and Taylor wants to make Chloe ejaculate. These elements and the rest of their kinky evening hits a chord with me. Then there’s the email which hits a different kind of note, and I’m feeling worried and quite frankly a tad jealous. I hope he can turn Chloe into his new best friend and more, helping him to avoid falling into any traps.

Chloe is stretched on her bed. My eyes roam her naked body.

“Hands above your head.” My voice is deep and firm, not loud.

She stretches her arms up, her breasts move as well. I lick my lips, pulling a length of ribbon through my thumb and finger. The dark red is a beautiful contrast to her skin as I wrap it around her wrist. Keep reading.

Gaze by F. Leonora Solomon

Leonora has written this short piece so well. Following two lovers as they arrive home we get to reminisce about Sabrina witnessing two men together, one the man she’s returning home with, Harry. The tale evoked feelings of arousal for me and also raised some questions. In times past I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be turned on by two men, but it seems things change and my mind is opening to all types of possibilities.

The story reminded me of a fantasy I recently had which might make my choice seem biased, but I love how cool Sabrina is after she saw Harry with another man. She’s not just cool but enthusiastic and utterly turned on. She is so drawn to him that going home with him is likened to entering heaven. I’d love to read more about these two.

Sabrina and Harry got out of the car, and headed back to his apartment. It was the moment they were right outside of the door, still in their pretty evening clothes looking like they could turn around and go back wherever they had come from. She held her stiletto heels in her hand, and looked up at him. His eyes were wide and intent, looking into her eyes and took her breath away. Keep reading.

Everyday Yearnings of a Pain Slut by Victoria Blisse

I loved this poem by Victoria Blisse and could totally relate. The picture of her with her cheeky smirk topped it off for me as one of my favorites. “Painfully aroused,  anticipating what is to come, imaging what could be…” is just one line I related to. Every emotive line got me reading it again. There were a few posts about which I enjoyed, especially where toys were involved. There was honestly too many great posts to choose from this week.




But more than want. Unquenchable thirst. Keep reading.

Honorable Mentions!

I’d like to give a special mention to Floss Does Life for her 30 days of orgasm fun post. I read it too quickly the first time round and on returning to it I could really relate to much of what she spoke of. I struggle to orgasm and didn’t achieve one until my adult years when I discovered vibrators. I like how she turns it around and makes plans for other ways to enjoy the 30days other than just through masturbation or orgasming on her own.

Hornithology and the Secret Mr. E are the two others I would have chosen and if I could choose more I’d love to include them. All the posts were well done, and as always I feel inspired reading others creative works, inspired and sometimes quite horny. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this week’s Masturbation Monday, especially Wriggly Kitty for sharing her picture for the prompt.

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