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Masturbation Monday Week 189 Roundup by Dr. J

What can I say about Dr. J? Other than that I adore her? I first read her writing on Wicked Wednesday and then read her again when she joined in on Masturbation Monday. Her erotica is always so damn sexy, and she is an amazingly wonderful person. She had the hard job of picking the top three posts for this week’s Masturbation Monday. As someone who had to go rub a few out after I read them all, I know exactly what kind of challenge this was.

What can I say about this week submissions? First, hottest pic ever, Missy! Second, the entries were sexually diverse, captivating, and provocative. That’s what I love about this meme. I always experience individuality that celebrates sexuality goodness whether couched in creative stories or personal sharing, words or photos.

Blame my writing workshop class for my focus on this week. It was about “connecting the reader” and that’s what I tapped into while choosing the Top 3.

On Your Knees by Brigit Delaney

What a way you have with words, Brigit. This line punctuated the relationship. So nice. “No, Sir,” she breathed, grateful for the tiny release of energy the words afforded her.


It was a one-word command that lifted her from concentration on her work.

He was behind her, his hands around her neck, fingers pressing into her collarbone, before she had a chance to respond. Keep reading.

Space Probed by Beatrix B.

Hands. Captain Donavon and I both like to focus on hands, extensions of the person and then projecting how they might probe her. I love how Beatrix took the co-pilot’s capsule navigation and applied it to her body. I got shivers.

Captain Donavon could tell a lot about the kind of lover a man was by his hands. As she watched her young co-pilot manipulate the capsule’s navigation controls, she was certain he’d be equally adept navigating his way around the topical landscape of the female anatomy as well. Keep reading.

Caught Part 4 by Nicci Haydon

Talk about teasing with the writing real estate. The last two lines deliver the payoff, Nicci. Oh, yes!

“I smirked as I reached down between us, smoothed the bubbles along the top of my shaft, drawing in a deep, hitching breath as I did.

And then I turned my hand, and smoothed those same bubbles along Coren’s cock.”

I smiled, trying to process what Coren had just said. Was he actually asking me to join him? “I…I don’t think so,” I said, cupping a hand over my cock. This whole thing was a mistake. I mean, I no longer even remembered why I had gone out into the hall in the first place. It was my fault that I was watching him, but that was really only for a second or two. Keep reading.

Our Life and Storytelling–The Integration Award

The spectacular Kayla Lords. You owned it, in all its mind-body glory. It was HOT.

Editors note: Dr. J is too kind (didn’t I tell you how wonderful she is?) and I promise I didn’t pay her (much, lol) to say such a nice thing about me. 

Thanks to Dr. J for the tough task of reading so many sexy, hot stories and to Missy for being our lovely and inspiring prompt this week!

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