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Masturbation Monday Week 190 Roundup by Marie Rebelle

One of the first bloggers I ever followed was Marie Rebelle and one of the first blogging memes I ever joined was Wicked Wednesday. She inspires me, turns me on with her words, and gives the absolute best hugs. I love that Marie chose our top three Masturbation Monday posts this week and (in a sexy twist), she’ll be a prompt in the next few weeks, too!

I know from doing my own meme, Wicked Wednesday, how difficult it is to choose a top three, and I was right. Every story submitted for this week was good and hot and sexy. Even the fact that you participated this week made me want to choose all of you, but alas, I could not. I had seven stories on my shortlist, and then I had to narrow that down to three. Those I chose are the three stories that had me leaning closer to the screen and made me want to read on when I reached the end.

The Burning Shore by E.T. Costello

What came to mind while I read this is the word mythical, but also magical. This story touched me because of his loneliness, Encelados’ special memories of the girl and Quill’s (aka E.T. Costello) lovely artistic way with words. He isn’t just writing, but creating art.

The satyr Encelados was very hot. In this early Autumn weather the Kuringai shore shimmered in the heat and the curling sassafras leaves kept up a constant dry rattle overhead. Sitting in the damp brown cool beneath a rock shelter and surrounded by a painted spray of red hands and polychrome goanna, he was cutting back the thick curls of wool which covered him from navel to hoof. Read more.

Charlie’s Bar by Brigit Delaney

Now, to end the night like this and have your legs all limp after some intense orgasms sounds like absolute bliss to me! Brigit Delaney has managed to weave a tale that captures your attention from beginning to end, and when it ends, you actually want to read on!

It had been a shitty evening. A blind date gone terribly south. Rain. Cold. Blisters in too high heels. But, the blinking neon signs lifted Samantha’s spirits as shiny baubles did many other women. A drink would help. Just one before she went upstairs to her quiet, empty apartment. It would take the edge off the edge she’d already taken off. A good drunk was necessary from time to time. Keep reading.

What Do You Do? by Cimmerian Sentiment

I love how Cimmerian Sentiment has perfectly captured the innocence and enthusiasm of the girl, and how the man in this story is not perfect. Sexy words that lead to a sexy ending and with more to come.

The man on the bed was the opposite of what Allie was used to. He was older, softer, and covered with soft light coloured hair. His hand stroked a thickening cock with a bulbous head. Keep reading.

Thanks to Marie for choosing our top three posts this week, and also to the Zen Nudist (aka Kilted Wookie) for being our sexy prompt!

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