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Masturbation Monday Week 191 Roundup by Cara Thereon

To say I adore Cara Thereon is such an understatement. She and I have been reading each other’s blogs for years and most of our interaction has been through the comments section. But all that changed when we finally met at Eroticon where the adoration became much more real. She’s a beautiful human being and an amazing writer, and I am so glad she agreed to pick this week’s top Masturbation Monday stories.

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I know everyone says this, but picking a top three when everyone puts in so much hard work is difficult. Personally, I feel if you take the time to write that effort should be recognized. So thank you to everyone that put something in. Ultimately it’s the story that catches my attention and makes me want to read, and that comes down to personal taste. My picks, in no particular order.

A Medical Experiment Where I Get Fucked by Jadis Liddell

I don’t have any medical fantasies. Frankly, they usually do little for me, but this story by Jadis Liddell really made me sit up and take notice. It’s the being forced and enjoying it that always does it for me.

I fight as they push me down on to the table. I try to bite and scratch and kick, but it was to no avail. They are too strong, and I can’t get away as they buckle the straps into place to hold me down and fasten cuffs around my wrists. Fighting against the restraints, I decide, will only waste precious energy. I glare at my captors, hissing at them through bared teeth. Keep reading.

Princess by Lascivious Lucy

I’ve been a similar situation where I’ve been nearly naked beneath a coat in public. This story by Lascivious Lucy reminded me of how arousing it was. The run up to the end, that sexy play with the dildo, was unf.

Sir had ordered princess over to his place.

She, of course, wore exactly what he’d ordered – a pink open cup chemise that just covered the curve of her ass. Over it, she wore a long belted sweater, one that reached a few inches above her knee. Needless to say, her transit ride over had required constant vigilance of her clothing, unless she wanted to flash a bus full of strangers. Sitting was a particular challenge. The sweater rode up enough to reveal a wealth of naked thigh. She didn’t try to cross her legs, knowing that movement would only pull the fabric up more. Keep reading.

Dancing with Himself by Scandarella

I loved this piece by Scandarella because it felt real. It wasn’t a super hot guy wanking, but a man with a little age who’s young days were well behind him. It made this wank session ten times hotter. That and I have a thing for older men.

When I get home the light in the kitchen is on. It’s Tuesday so the scent of Chinese spice is strong in the hall. I expect Alan to be by the sink, cursing out our son because he can’t find the steel soap stone to shift the whiff of garlic from his hands. Thomas is always misplacing that bloody thing. But the kitchen is empty. Where have they gotten to? Keep reading.

Thank you, Cara for picking from so many good stories this week, and thank you Elliott Henry for being our sexy and inspiring prompt!

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