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Masturbation Monday Week 192 Roundup by Elliott Henry

Elliott Henry is a rarity in the world of sex blogging. He’s a guy who lets it all hang out, both in his thoughts and his images. As someone who’s been a prompt in the past, he’s obviously not afraid of taking and sharing a good dick pic. What I love is the way he treats consent and respect, while also allowing audiences to experience his desire through his writing. That he celebrates his masturbating habits so openly makes him a natural fit for Masturbation Monday. He’s been a prompt, a participant, and this week, the one with the hard task of choosing our top picks.

Masturbation Monday was the very first meme I participated in when I started blogging about sex, it was week 81. Now Kayla is on week 192, and I’m still along for the ride. Here are some of the stories that spoke to me this week.

Mantis Moon by Beatrix B.

Anyone who knows me knows I love stories about masturbation. And any story that starts off with a line like… Each man had undone his uniform coveralls and had a firm grip on his cock, stroking at differing paces as she fingered her hairless sex… definitely has my attention. I thought Beatrix_B’s sexy sci-fi flash fiction erotica was clever, something different, and a lot of fun to read.
She stared at the five older astronauts who watched her from behind the spaceship’s observation glass, knowing each would die for the chance to fuck her. She’d have them all soon enough. The thought made her so hot, she couldn’t tell which set of lips drooled more as she repeatedly pulsed her sex in gluttonous anticipation. Keep reading.

A Stone’s Throw by Molly Moore

And, I’m sure everyone knows I love to write about masturbating and post accompanying photos, so Molly Moore’s story A stone’s throw, with accompanying photo, immediately had me. I could picture her words, hefting the stone dildo she speaks about and feeling the coolness inside her. Her build to climax had me along for the ride. And tossing aside the toy and finishing off with the hand… yep. The kind of thing I like to write, the kind of thing I like to read.
I masturbated this morning. Laying in our bed, the covers thrown back and the sunlight streaming in across my body. Beyond the window the gentle sounds of a sunny bank holiday filled the air; bird song, a dog barking in the distance music and children playing. Sounds that somehow made what I was doing feel even more decadent. Keep reading.

If Only by Cimmerian Sentiment

My texting and sexting obsession is no secret, so it’s only natural that I would plunge right into If Only, a short and dirty story by Cimmerian Sentiment. The texting stopped too soon for my taste, but the sexy writing didn’t and soon had me… well, soon had me, erection in hand, reading faster and faster to get to the climax.
I don’t normally get horny right after my period, but something about the way my husband was acting after our fight yesterday had me itchy. I can’t explain why I don’t have the guts to speak up and tell him what I want, I don’t know why I’m standoffish or distant at times. I don’t want to be. Keep reading.

Honorable Mention!

Being an artist’s muse is fun and I loved being in the head of May More’s in This Years Model. I liked the format of story telling she chose to relate this steamy tale. Loved the ending, that in alone is a must read. May is quickly becoming the Queen of Surprise Endings. I thought Marie’s photo was the perfect illustration for this story.
Thanks to Elliott for choosing the top three this week and to Marie Rebelle for being our sensual prompt.

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  1. Thank you Elliot for the mention. I did enjoy writing that piece and I definitely enjoyed the stone dildo research I did for it 😉


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