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Masturbation Monday Week 193 Roundup by Molly Moore

Molly Moore is a dear friend, a blogging mentor, and one of the best people I know. Her work ethic and blogging ability inspire me everyday and her friendship keeps me sane. She’s been a prompt multiple times for Masturbation Monday and will be again very soon. This week, though, she had the tough job of reading sexy, sensual stories and picking the top three posts!

I remember quite clearly when Kayla started Masturbation Monday and so it is almost impossible to believe that we are now on week 193. That is a LOT of masturbating and damn it has been enjoyable. Picking just three posts were really tricky but after a bit of re-reading and maybe some self loving I finally settled on my top three.

The Comfort of Familiar Sex by Kayla Lords

Let’s start with the lady herself, Kayla Lords. This piece made me yearn for sleepy morning sex. Her description of those moments and the calming joy she gets from it was intoxicating to me. It made me think of the smell of our bed in the morning, the warmth of his body up against mine and the joy of stealing a bit more time underneath the covers together.

I love his sigh of pleasure as he sinks his cock in deep. His body stretches mine. I whimper with pleasure. He almost never hears me, and that’s fine by me.

This moment is for him. The Dominant taking his pleasure (consensually) from his warm, half-asleep submissive. He requires nothing but my willingness. No question, it’s his. Always. Read more.

“Dining Alone” by Coffee and Kink

This is just such a hot little story by Amy of Coffee and Kink. I love that the book she is reading gives her away and the bold upfront attitude of the waitress that takes control of the situation. Oh at the end it is up to you to decide if this is a one evening stand or if there might be more.

My mind starts to race. Is she toying with me? Is this some kind of joke? What if someone walks in at any second? Then she presses her perfect, red, whisky-flavoured lips to mine, and I stop thinking about anything at all. Read more.

The Truth in the Mirror by Victoria Blisse

One minute I am following along with Victoria’s sexy escapades at a kink club and then like her everything nearly stalls as anxiety about body image tries to muscle in on the moment. At the end though she writes this…

I looked into the mirror and saw the truth. I am fat and I am sexy.

And she is absolutely right about that. She is one very sexy woman and this is one very life affirming and sexy read.

The sexy was always there and is always there. I just had to break through the wall of negativity that I’ve built up over nigh on 4 decades of being told I’m fat and not just that but that fat = ugly.

As I climbed to orgasm I felt like the sexiest, most beautiful woman alive and in that moment, in that place, I was. Read more.

Thank you Molly for picking the top three, and a big thanks to Honey for being our beautiful and thought-provoking prompt this week! To read all the posts, check out Masturbation Monday Week 193!

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