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Masturbation Monday Week 194 Roundup by Julie

Julie aka Master’s Pleasing Bitch is a sex blogger and kinkster I’ve followed for a while. We had the chance to meet at Eroticon 2017 and both chickened out because of nerves. In 2018, we made sure not to repeat that mistake. She’s absolutely lovely and kinky and filthy in the best possible ways. I was so happy when she agreed to pick our top three for this week!

I don’t participate in Masturbation Monday as often as I would like to, but I have been inspired by the wonderful entries this week. It was so difficult to narrow down to a few favourites for this round up; the quality is just so good.

Through a Crack in the Door by Coffee & Kink

Imagine discovering your husband home alone in the bedroom masturbating. Amy has given us a story of raw sex, arousal and lust, but also of love. So much so, that I could almost imagine that I too was watching:

I love watching him play with himself. I love the completely different way it lets me see his pleasure and his body. But somehow it’s even hotter when he doesn’t know I’m watching. It’s so natural. So… un-staged. Read more.

Into the Den of Vipers by ChinaDoll320

ChinaDoll320’s story has that wonderful element that we all search for in creating a story – originality. This is a creative but also extremely erotic story of Doll and her Doctor. But are the events that take place a fantasy, a dream or something a little more sinister? This is part one, so that means we get to go back and find out more…..hopefully soon.

“We’re almost there, Doll.”

She had been hovering on the edge of her orgasm for the past five blocks. Though he walked behind her, he had his fingers fit snugly inside her, stoking the fire ever since he had dressed her at his home. She no longer saw him in his office, but in his bedroom where she was able to relax more and receive his treatment more effectively. Keep reading.

Finding a New Groove by Mrs. Robinson

Mrs Robinson (and indeed Mr Robinson) are Finding a New Groove. This wonderfully intimate and sexy post comes with an announcement. The key question on the lips of Mrs Robinson was ‘how many orgasms are allowed’ the answer of course, is as many as you want. You’ll have to head over to find out what the big news is.

“We won’t be able to do it like this much longer.” His voice is like a warm blanket across my skin, his words barely registering as pleasure suffuses me. Keep reading.

Thank you to Edge Ecstatic for being our sexy prompt for the week!

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