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Masturbation Monday Week 195 Roundup by Dok Urtybitz

Not everything about Masturbation Monday has to take 1000 words to make a smutty point. Dok Urtybitz proves that every time he participates and gets me turned on in a few lines of poetry. He’s an expert at painting an erotic and kink picture with only a few words. I was so glad when he agreed to choose the top three this week! 

I was introduced to Masturbation Monday a few years ago by the talented Mrs Fever . It’s been my pleasure submitting my written art and seeing the responses.

Alice Practices Diplomacy by Lascivious Lucy

Lascivious Lucy is a talented writer who’s creations I always enjoy reading. This is an erotic story that held my interest (and got a rise out of me) from the beginning. As a long time sci-fi reader, I was enamored by the 1950’s sci-fi feel to it.

“You are delicious. But I want to” he paused, “fuck? Is that the word?”

Alice shifted on the couch, “It is not the polite word, but it is appropriate for this.” She ran her fingers over his face.“Can you sit?” Keep reading.

Sun Moon Stars by Mrs. Fever

Mrs. Fever’s posts have an ability to put you there in the moment with her, this was no exception. Through her words I could feel the sensuous, erotic sensations traveling through me, all the while ‘seeing’ the image she painted, which was the lovely Little Rara.

Sometimes it is mid-day coiled heat, lightning-fire  flaring from center, burning incandescent behind her navel, sun-sear arousal warming her from within. Other times it is a soft crescent glow, her sleep-warm want an unbright illumination gently lighting the cool surrounding dark. Keep reading.

Bank Holiday Moonday by Submiss34f

Submiss34f is a lovely and talented part of the sex blogging community. She celebrates the holiday with a cheeky pictorial worthy of being shared!

This week’s #MasturbationMonday prompt image is a wonderful one from Little Rara of her beautiful breasts painted with stars and planets.

I haven’t managed anything as intricate (although once I did paint my right breast to look like a Christmas pudding but that’s a different story I shall keep for Christmas) but I have managed a moon covered with late evening sun. Keep reading.

Thank you to Little Rara for being our cosmic prompt this week and to Dok Urtybitz for picking the top three!

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