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Masturbation Monday Week 197 Roundup by Amy of Coffee and Kink

The amazing, talented, and kinky Amy of Coffee and Kink (two of my favorite things from one of my favorite people!) had the hard (heh) job of picking this week’s top Masturbation Monday! 

Photo Finish by Hannah Lockhardt

Hannah’s writing often stands out to me, because it is both beautiful and daring. She pushes at the edges of taboos many of us are scared to approach in our fiction and looks at them head on. I love the set-up for this scene and the cyber-scene scenario, but what really does it for me is the degradation and humiliation play. Yum!

He’d never taken a dick pic before, or so he said.

Me, I scoffed. Keep reading.

Memories and Regret by Mrs. Robinson

Mrs Robinson’s piece is beautiful, poignant and also kind of sad. Being part of a longer piece, it leaves the reader with so many unanswered questions and is all the more intriguing for it. The chemistry between the characters is palpable, and layered over their pain and regret. Powerful.

His gaze slid over her and heated, making her skin tingle with the knowledge of what this man could do to her.

“Do you remember?” His voice was gruff, a controlled growl, like an animal waiting to pounce. And oh, how her traitorous body wanted him to pounce. Keep reading.

Drizzled in Honey by Mischa Eliot

Mischa’s “Drizzled in Honey” is so creative – and delicious in EVERY sense of the word! Even though I’m a female mostly-sub I’m weirdly into male sub/Female Domme dynamics and this one was no exception. Plus, I have a ginormous orgasm control kink, so him begging to come was just perfection. And the twist at the end is brilliant!

“Are you doing okay?” I check the cuffs on his ankles and wrists to make sure they aren’t cutting off circulation. It wouldn’t do me any good if he went numb and we had to stop playing. As I wait for my answer, I run my fingers down the back of his leg, causing him to twitch. The blindfold was new. We were pushing boundaries tonight. Keep reading.

Thank you, Amy, for picking the top three this week! Thanks to GeeknGrind for being our sexy prompt. It’s his first time so let’s do what we can to encourage a second time!

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