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Masturbation Monday Week 198 Roundup by Victoria Blisse

Victoria Blisse frequently writes for Masturbation Monday, and it’s always sexy, erotic, and so damn kinky! A big thanks to her for choosing the top posts for the week!

It’s never easy to pick only 3 of anything. I’m definitely a more is more kinda gal. But I managed! I picked 3 very sexy writings from this week’s amazing Masturbation Monday offerings. All of them spoke to me and enveloped me in their words.

Orgasm Embarrassment by Cammies on the Floor

I felt a real connection to Cammies writing. It spoke to me on a very visceral level. Very well written and hot as fuck too!

“I like the slightly embarrassed blush that stains across my cheeks sometimes. I would never ask for it, in the moment it’s associated with a feeling I’d rather avoid, and yet…I grow wet in the moment, the trust in the power I am placing in my partner is absolute to take me on a power control that has just a smidgen of humiliation to it.” Read more.

Canvas by Coffee and Kink

My Masochist had a field day reading this by Amy of Coffee and Kink. I’ve never had a tattoo but I feel like I want one now! Hot, sexy and full of pain. Loved it.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” he murmured, rubbing her clit a little more firmly. “Plenty of the women I tattoo get aroused during. And the men, too.” She moaned, this thought producing another flood of wetness in her cunt. “Only I don’t do this to them, of course. But I can always spot which ones are the masochists. The ones who get all gooey eyed and floaty like you were doing just now. And I know they’ll go home and wank off furiously when I’m done with them.” Read more.

How Did You Know? by Molly Moore

I found myself really connecting to this writing by Molly Moore. I loved the descriptions of pain, and processing that and the interaction between top and bottom is illustrated beautifully. I love finding out about other people’s BDSM. It’s fascinating.

“Eventually I am lost into it and it and sometimes I end up laughing or even crying not because it hurts because there is this rush of heady feelings that overwhelm.” Read more.

A big thanks to Marie Rebelle for providing such a beautiful image as our prompt!

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