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Masturbation Monday Week 200 Roundup

It has been a while since I’ve done the Masturbation Monday roundup, and it’s good to be back. Things have heated up outside and Florida summer is in full swing. It was nice to be inside and read some delicious erotica from all the wonderful authors that participated in the 200th week of Masturbation Monday. Although I think my plan to cool off inside has backfired as everyone really turned up the heat with their stories.

The Closest Shave by The Zen Nudist

I’ve had some close shaves in my life but none of them where or are anywhere near as enjoyable, hot, and erotic as the one described here by the Zen Nudist. His story was both fun and hot as he retells how he got to shave one of his lady friends and what happened in the aftermath of it.

I have mentioned before that I am actually quite fond of pubic hair on a woman. There is something about slowly running my fingers through those soft, and increasingly damp, curls between a woman’s legs that can transport me back in time to when sex and exploration of the female body were new experiences for me. Keep reading.

Come Together by Zebra Rose

Most people know that when it comes to technology I love it. While I’ve yet to experience Virtual Realty it is on my list of things to check out. This story by Zebra Rose takes it to a whole new level. It tickled both my love of tech and my love of hot steamy erotica. The two combined in this tale make for an electrifying read.

It’s been three days since I ordered the gadget and this morning the maildrone dropped it on my doorstep. I’m supposed to be working but I reckon I can legitimately take a quick break to have a peek at the device the Internet has gone crazy for. Keep reading.

Pink Pages for Annalise Z. by Beatrix B.

I loved this story by Beatrix. B. The way it was written as a journal entry to a diary got my eye as well as my mind. I loved following the thought process behind the premise of the story and at the end I was actually cheering on her decision.

From the journal of Annalise Z.
I’ve been contemplating the state of my pubic hair a lot lately. I know, this isn’t something anyone should spend too much time thinking about, but I’m on the fence as to what I should do about my lady-scaping. Keep reading.

There were SO many truly hot stories this week it was really hard (no pun intended) to pick just the three. Ya’ll took no pity on me and made me work for it. Which is how I like it!

Thanks to Honey for being such an inspiring prompt this week, too!

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