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Masturbation Monday Week 201 Roundup by Jadis Liddell

I knew Jadis Liddell aka Tits and Test Tubes was smart, funny, and thoughtful when I came across her work online. And then I met her in person, and she’s sweet and sassy (a great combination!). As she’s participated in Masturbation Monday more and more, I’ve also learned that she’s got a filthy imagination and I love that about her too. I was so glad she agreed to pick our top Masturbation Monday posts for this week!

At one point I hoped that I would be more organized as Jadis Liddell than I am in my “civilian” life. But even in my super-hero-sex-blogger world my mental illness can mean I can be just as unable to make deadlines. Thank you to Kayla for understanding, and for letting me do the round-up this week! There were twenty-two utterly amazing stories in this week’s Masturbation Monday (the twenty-third was mine) and picking just three was incredibly hard.

Closest to Real by Brigit Writes

This piece by Brigit Delaney was so powerful and spoke to me in ways that surprised me greatly. I was captivated by the poetry of the post: the wonderful self-reflection while the narrator is looking at her own reflection. It’s hot and raw and I felt that it spoke to some of my own experiences with loss and need. I think Brigit captured the feeling of something very raw and primal in this post.

When you need the guidance of another more than you need life itself, who is there to understand? Tell a doctor that. Tell a friend. Tell your mother. See where that kind of honestly gets you. Read more.

Comfort Girl by Cara Thereon

Reading Cara’s words, I felt ashamed of how aroused I quickly became. Aside from how hot this story was, with the struggle and resistance and the threats that he will break her and turn her into his “whore war” there is something else that drew me to it. It plays with ideas that I find taboo in delightfully filthy ways, but it also describes a dystopian future that scarily doesn’t feel like it’s that far away.

I felt the cuffs lock around my wrists. His weight pressed down on my back again, forcing my cheek into the dirt. “With feral animals, the best way to break them is with force.” His hand felt along the seam of my thin jeans, finding the hole that had worn into the crotch long ago. Read more.

The Gift by Molly Moore

As I said on Twitter right after I first read it, Molly broke me with hotness with this post. Molly’s writing frequently pushes me to jerk off and explore parts of my sexuality that I haven’t been brave enough to explore yet. The idea of being given as a gift, to be used as the ‘birthday boy’ wishes is an incredibly hot, especially when combined with her fight against him and the threat of the belt at the end.

Grace heard the door open. She wanted to call out for John but the panties in her mouth meant all she had was a muffled cry. She could feel the heat rising in her core, a mixture of anger and lust throbbed through her. Fuck he knew how to press her buttons. Read more.

Because I’m a naughty girl there were so many great posts submitted to Masturbation Monday this week, shout-outs also go to Coffee & Kink, who captured something I’ve fantasized about so many times in Words Words Words, May More, whose post Cock-A-Doodle Do I Want A Relationship With You was emotionally vulnerable in wonderful ways, and Kayla Lords, who discusses two of my favorite things (lube and early morning sex) in No Words Necessary.

Thank you, Jadis and a big thanks to The Other Livvy for being our beautiful and erotic prompt!

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