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Masturbation Monday Week 202 Roundup by Beatrix B.

Beatrix B. is a relative newcomer to Masturbation Monday, and a welcome addition! Her writing intrigues me and gets me hot. It’s fun watching her explore different ideas and be creative with smut. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! This week she doesn’t write the smut…she picks it!

It appears we have The Zen Nudist (aka Kilted Wookie) and his extremely hot meme image to thank for many of the great Masturbation Monday posts shared for week #202. Story after story proved to be either informative or sexy as hell. I could have easily chosen more than the top-3 to highlight in my debut as this week’s roundup moderator—there were just that many great posts. Although there was something wonderful about each and every one, below are my three favorite picks:

Cock Sucking Whore by Molly Moore

First of all, any author who has to wonder if her readers are “all blow-jobbed out” is my kind of erotica writer! This story didn’t fail to excite and stimulate. The hot picture painted by the salacious Ms. Moore was so detailed, it was as if she’d invited us all in for a private viewing of this very indecent devourment. Whether read on a full or empty stomach, these lines are sure to whet your appetite.

He is sitting at his desk working. I am taking a moment and scrolling through Tumblr, there is fucking and nudes, pictures and gifs and then there is a woman on her knees in front of a man and he is holding her hair out of her face and the strap on her dress is slipping down her shoulders and his head is thrown back in the chair and you can’t see exactly what she is doing but you know anyway that his dick is in her mouth and that pictures immediately makes me think about sucking him. Read more.

Phone Sex by Wriggly Kitty

I have to admit, I am a diehard fan of micro and flash fiction regardless of the genre. It’s not an easy format to do well. However, this 100-word bit of erotica was well-written and should be acknowledged for its successful execution. Sexy, succinct, and sporting a seriously clever ending, Ms. Kitty definitely knows how to make a drabble dribble…as well as other things! This is short-form erotica at its best.


There was silence at the other end of the line, interrupted only by a regular deep breath in and out. Read more.

Dommes Like to Go Down Too by Fire and Honey

I loved this factual post that challenged the preconceived notions that dominant women aren’t ‘holding it down’ if they’re going down on a submissive male.  Though I’m not a domme, I completely identify with F&H’s sentiments about dominant women enjoying fellatio as much as any other woman, as well as her stance that its usage is as effective a means of control in a D/s context as any other dominant act. Labels and stereotypes can be so limiting. It’s refreshing to read that there are other women out there not afraid to redefine sex and sexuality to fit their own terms.

It’s so interesting to me, how within the D/s world there are some almost inescapable tropes that you’d think wouldn’t be a part of the community, that they’d be more of a misrepresentation or disillusionment of the vanilla world. The one that makes me roll my eyes the most is oral sex.It is regularly and plainly expressed that giving oral sex is a submissive act. We see images and read literature all the time about subby babygirls on their knees for their Daddies and pliant, reverent male submissives eating pussy for forever as if that’s all every Domme wants. Keep reading.

Thank you Beatrix (aka The Pink Seam) for choosing this week’s top picks and a big thanks to Zen Nudist for providing the smut-inducing prompt!

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