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Masturbation Monday Week 204 Roundup by Sarah Helena Heart

Sarah Helena Heart aka ChinaDoll320 is a kinky woman, a college student, a blogger, and an all around amazing person. She writes erotica with kinks I might not want for myself, but she still turns me on in the process. Asking her to choose the top three was an easy choice, and we’re so happy to have her here for this week’s Masturbation Monday roundup!

Greedy by Zebra Rose

The sexual tension between both of them was amazing to read. The brattiness and potential for punishment hit all of the right buttons for me. Probably because I saw so much of my own relationship in it (and my likely future).

“You’re a greedy little slut, aren’t you?”

The question is delivered half-chidingly, half with amusement. It’s a rhetorical question but one that I am still expected to answer. Contrition or cheekiness? I weigh up which is most likely to be rewarded and opt for blatant lasciviousness. Keep reading.

Earned by Hannah Lockhardt

The first thing that grabbed me was the orders in italic. Stories about giving a blow job always gets me, especially ones that effectively place the bottom/sub in their place. And, of course, the line “your mouth is mine,” is panty-melting.

I’d go doe eyed. Hold it and examine it and swallow down the fear that it’s too big and will choke me. And the thought of it choking me would make me damp. Always ask for permission to use my mouth beforehand. And swallow down the fear that you’ll refuse me. Keep reading.

We Both Like It When I Orgasm by Kayla Lords

Hair pulling, a blow job, orgasm control, and just good old fucking? Hell yes. Especially since I’m also just glad John and Kayla are having some kinky fuckery again. (Editor’s note: Me too!) It also makes me realize I really need to buy a wand vibrator.

A weekend away, spent in the company of family, meant there was no sex, no kinky fuckery, and rarely even the waggle of eyebrows or wiggle of ass. We spent Sunday night reconnecting through conversation. Going over our impressions of the weekend before moving into deeper terrain.

As the conversation died away, I knew we should go to bed, but I also knew that’s not what I wanted. Keep reading.

A big thank you to Sarah Heart (and not just for picking my blog post which has me blushing all over the place)! And thanks to May More for inspiring so many sexy stories this week!

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