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Masturbation Monday Week 206 Roundup by F. Leonora Solomon

My good friend, fellow sex blogger, and soul sister picks this week’s Masturbation Monday top three posts, and I couldn’t be more excited. F. Leonora Solomon (or F-dot as I think of her) has been participating since week 35 with almost no missed weeks. And she’s been creatively telling one long story the entire time with plenty of twists and turns. This week, though, she’s also doing the hard job of deciding which posts were her favorites.

Can Never Change Her Stripes by Jayne Renault

I don’t know where striped stockings were first declared vogue. I’m told that it goes back at least as far as the Middle Ages, where the public consensus at the time was that stripes went hand in hand with deviance.

That makes sense, I guess. Court jesters and cartoonish witches and macabre feminists and goth kids through the ages of pop culture have often been drawn up in striped stockings sinceKeep Reading

The Power of Stockings by The Other Livvy

She liked to dress up to masturbate. She always had. Fiona could never quite work out why so many people treated wanking as a secret or secondary exercise. Her friends would spend hundreds of pounds on expensive lingerie to excite their partners, choosing fabrics that felt luxurious or made their tits look like heaven, but would never wear them when they were alone. Why shouldn’t she feel sexy just for herself? …Keep Reading

Cheesecake by Hannah Likes Dirty Words

I tease. I poke. I prod. We bicker. We bicker. We bicker. Friends for a while. Never made it to lovers, brief or otherwise. More adopted sibling than fuck buddy. But hugs that last a fraction too long. Bend at the waist to flash my knickers. Smack my arse as we pass on the stairs…..Keep Reading


Thank you to my good friend Amy Norton (aka Coffee and Kink) for providing the smutty inspiration this week!

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