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Masturbation Monday Week 207 Roundup by Jaime Mortimer

Jaime Mortimer is a delightful human being, a great writer, and the kind of kinkster who’s willing to write about his experiences in ways that make you just want to know more. Since he joined in with Masturbation Monday, I’ve been hooked on his stories. Thankfully he indulges me when I demand, “More!” This week, he’s chosen his favorite Masturbation Monday posts.

People always say this, but it’s always true: I should be able to give everybody a prize. Don’t take my word for it. Check out all the pieces in this week’s Masturbation Monday!

It’s interesting, too, that there’s quite a lot of male good behavior in this collection. The fantasy chaps (and some real ones written about) should all take a bow.

Still, I’ve selected one that has a piece of serious male misbehavior. If you think your girl needs butt-fucking you should do it yourself, IMO, not get a couple of bikers to do it for you. In real life, that is; but in dreamlife, with your eyes closed and your hands busy on your genitals, anything goes.


A nice, sexy, lightly bdsm-flavored story, starting at Cambden Lock and moving to the ocean, from F. Leonora.

Sabrina was riveted to the canal at Camden Lock, and sometimes she felt that was why she fell for Drew there because it was so romantic at the bar meeting him with Carole…But driving with him to the home that he had in St. Ives, made Camden Town pale in comparison. Keep reading.

Tainted Love by Posy Churchgate

Rae’s master decides it’s time she lost her anal virginity. Innocence and obedience rewarded, but she has to wait.

Her heart beat loudly in her chest as she knelt in the prescribed position – naked & submissive – her hands were lowered, her knees spread and her eyes fixed on the floor. Her ears were alert and attentive, hoping soon she’d detect the soft tread of her master approaching for the evening’s play or punishment; as she was still in training she had no clue what to expect, but she anticipated it all with a thrill buzzing through her and a wetness oozing from ‘his’ pussy. Keep reading.

A Hot Flash in a Tent by Tabitha Rayne

Kinky fuckery with a beer chaser, in a tent! A perfect combo from Tabitha Rayne.

She’d needed to get out of the city. The cloying sticky heat made Marguerite irritable beyond belief. How Johan could enjoy these thick humid streets was beyond her. Keep reading.

Girls Do It Better by Asrai Devin

From Asrai Devin, girl meets girl, romantically, and superior cunnilingus skills are demonstrated and experienced. Better than superior.

Inside my house I stop in the living room. My furniture hasn’t changed in six years. The sofa in the corner is the same one where Zena and I first made love. Wasn’t that a night? Keep reading.

Taste of Glory: Filthy Part IV by ET Costello

Hotness, with sweat, come and drool in an ancient barracks. (Extra points from me for “the wrinkled lip, the sneer of curled command”. Sex, let’s face it, is iambic. Nothing beside remains to say.) Take it away, ET Costello!

Cecilia’s wardrobe contains many dresses, many confections, many costumes. Colours, birds, beasts and trees and grasses, sky and sea. All the worlds and characters that she puts on. Some squeeze and primp, while others drift and sweep. Many, most indeed, she made herself. These she prefers for the most part, and knows their power. She’s seen her audience. Seen them watch her pass, seen them marvel at the intimacy of her close-coupled seams, the loving attention in her bodices and hems. Some, she knows, wish that they too could touch her skin with such close and perfect ease. Dressing, for Cecilia, is almost as much fun as taking off. Keep reading.

A big thanks to Elliott Henry for providing the full-frontal inspiration this week!

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