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Masturbation Monday Week 208 Roundup by Asrai Devin

Asrai Devin has been a smutty writer I’ve loved for what feels like forever! Her characters are believable (instead of being perfect people), and the kinks she writes about are as realistic as you can get…also, it’s hot as fuck. She’s been a favorite in the top Masturbation Monday picks in the past. Now it’s her turn to do the choosing!

I love Masturbation Monday because of the diversity of posts. There is something for everyone but the inclusiveness of the posters makes me smile. This week we have some naughty gals and guys, discussion of communicating about sex with our children and our partners, a story of dating with a twist of neurodivergence and non binary and SO MUCH MORE. And so many brat stories, which speaks my bratty ass. Also I added 3 new blogs to my blog roll.

My top picks (okay, my smut writing beauties this isn’t easy)…

Fail at Speed Dating by Joelle Casteel

Oh I don’t know where to start. It’s so vulnerable. There isn’t enough of neurodivergence or non binary representation in my world.

What does it mean for me in partnered sexuality when most sexual orientations are focused on gender I don’t feel?
I’m queer, that word that my tongue stumbled over when called on to identify myself.

Can I reclaim this wandering into hotness? Would it be as easy as jumping into talk about genitals? My mind cries for newness, something other than penis-in-vagina intercourse. Keep reading.

Don’t Touch Yourself by Isabelle Lauren

Okay the title alone like catnip for me. IT BEGS ME TO DISOBEY so I can be punished. But maybe a little self control can bring great rewards.

“Don’t touch yourself,” Gary said before he left. “Don’t masturbate when I’m away, no matter how horny you get. I will reward you for it when I get home. It will be worth it, I promise.” Keep reading.

True Love by Ria Restrepo

Brat story, need I say more? A disobedient girl, and the brat taming master who loves her. True love.

Anticipating this moment all day, she had trouble focusing on daily tasks, often drifting into a sensual fugue imagining his reaction.

Last weekend, they saw a young woman with multiple ear piercings, all different types and styles. Keep reading.

Sandy’s Mistake by Lindsey Knott

Sandy is a naughty girl and a bit of a brat. Good thing Sir knows how to handle her. Even so, I bet she’ll find new ways to disobey him in the future.

It had been so long since Sandy and Sir had been able to play. Life had got in the way and she was ready to crawl out her skin with the need to orgasm. Sandy had the afternoon to herself, finally. The kids were gone, and she didn’t have any other appointments to pull her away from the house. She knew she wasn’t allowed to cum without Sir, but the need was outweighing her need to please and serve him. Keep reading.

Thank you Asrai for choosing the top posts, and to Petticoat Diva Jo for providing the erotic inspiration!

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  1. Great picks, – I’m all behind on my meme reading, but now I know which stories to read first (but you gotta check them all out I find!) Thanks Asrai!

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