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Masturbation Monday Week 209 Roundup

This week marks the fourth anniversary of Masturbation Monday. That’s right, we’ve been celebrating the best damn day of the week for FOUR years. Whoa, right?

In honor of that, I’ll be choosing the top three posts this week, and John Brownstone will pick next week’s posts. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. What I love most about Masturbation Monday is that the writers always make it so damn hard (pun intended).

But it’s my job to choose, and so here we go!

The Crimson Queen by Lascivious Lucy

I always love Lucy’s writing. No matter what direction she goes in, whether paranormal or historical, I always wish I could experience the moment. This time was no different, and even better, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be the bratty maid or the sadistic, devious Queen. Maybe both? Yes, both would be good.

The corset closed around her ribs, and the maids tugged the cords cinching the queen’s waist. The black and crimson satin of the garment acted like a vice. It pushed her breasts up and out, and the queen smiled at her reflection in the mirror. Her thick auburn hair was already carefully and complexly curled and piled atop her, and the queen was pleased with her appearance. Her maids, all but one were always happy to avoid the queen’s wrath, were pleased at her pleasure. One naughty maid had already made a name for herself by actively seeking and enjoying the queen’s punishments. Keep reading.

The Dinner Party by Zebra Rose

Zebra Rose always tells delightful tales, whether they’re fantasy or reality. The Dinner Party was one where I thought I knew how it might end and certainly hoped I was right — and then was delighted with what actually happened. That every one in the room saw and felt the chemistry was one of my favorite parts. Because isn’t that how it usually happens? Everyone else can see that they want you…except for you.

From the kitchen comes increasingly desperate clattering sounds as Anika searches for a very specific wooden spoon with all the urgency of a trapped miner who knows there’s one more stick of dynamite somewhere under the rubble. Keep reading.

Prey At a Dyke Bar by Quinn Rhodes

If your story can make me question my own sexuality, I’m here for it. Quinn manages to take something I think I might find interesting and turn it into my new favorite fantasy. But toppy lesbians who may or may not be vampires preying on an innocent? Sign me up, and here’s my bare neck!

I don’t recognize the girl next to me at the bar. She’s pretty, with short dark hair and a silver nose ring. I lean back a little, to get a good look at her arse in those tight jeans… I know I’m openly perving, but I’m not ashamed. She’s younger than me, and there’s an innocence in the voice that shakes as she orders a drink that suggests that this is her first time here. Her first time in a dyke bar. Keep reading.

Thanks to all the writers who shared their stories this week and a big thank you to Kisungura for providing the sexy and lovely prompt for us!

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