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Masturbation Monday Week 210 Roundup

It’s good to be back, when Kayla asked me to do the roundup this week, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! I needed a change in the kind of heat I’ve been experiencing lately, and oh yeah did ya’ll bring it on for me this week.

Cleaner Close: The Journey Begins by Posy Churchgate

From the moment I started reading I was hooked. I loved the buildup. Knowing a bit of the back story kept me reading. Two accidental discoveries in one story — the kinds of parties her employers really have and how she reacts to them — made it a fun read. The story ended on a cliffhanger, and I look forward to the next part.

Josie crunched up the gravel drive, big droplets of rain still dripped from the trees, so she hunched into her jacket and kept her hands dug in her pockets.  The big house looked a little intimidating – as the Gravesons liked everything modern the windows were large and appeared black with no nets or drapes to soften them. All except for the top floor which had plantation shutters – always tilted closed. Keep reading.

The Favorite Toy by Asrai Devin

In some way or another we all have our favorite toy. Something that we know intimately inside and out, almost like a comfort zone so to speak. What happens though when you toss in some sibling rivalry? In Asrai’s story, both siblings have a preference for the same toy. It brings things to a whole different level.

Will wandered the halls of his home. Where was that damned girl? He passed several other maids who would have been pleased to have his attention, but he was only interested in his favorite. Keep reading.

Sex at 65mph by Sassy Cat

As a motorcycle rider myself this story got my motor revved up (no pun intended). Hitting the road with the wind in your face, all that horsepower planted between your legs, and then toss in some hot sex. Well, that is one hell of a ride. Reading it got my gears grinding and makes me want to hit the open road very soon — with a special passenger, of course.

It was getting close to the end of the summer and there was warm weather left for some outdoor sexual adventure, the last adventure of our summer. There is a place in desert 10 miles from the nearest town. It’s as dry as a bone. People do land speed records there, but for me, I had a different type of excitement bouncing around in my sexually aroused brain. I wanted to fuck my girlfriend while riding my 1967 Triumph 650 Bonnie. Keep reading.

A big thanks to all who participated in Masturbation Monday this week and to Little Switch Bitch who’s sexy image provided so much inspiration!

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  1. So pleased you enjoyed my tale! Thanks for choosing me – the competition was stiff. Luckily for you there are several more episodes and I haven’t finished yet …

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