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Masturbation Monday Week 211 Roundup by Lascivious Lucy

It’s always a good week when Lascivious Lucy joins in on Masturbation Monday. Her stories are filled with supernatural smut that always makes me wish those things could really happen. She’s had stories chosen a few times as a top Masturbation Monday post, but now it’s her turn to do the choosing!

I’m always flattered to be asked to choose the top three stories for Masturbation Monday, and then I always struggle to choose only three.  My pics for this week, in no particular order are…

The Coronet by Kisungura

This is a sexy tale about exhibition and voyeurism, which are two of my favorite things.  I loved the interpretation of the image with the story.  Kisungura’s story is as vivid as the delightful prompt image.

She stood at the edge of the mezzanine level, bent at the waist, hands gripping the brass rail. Her gloss heels and polished latex skater skirt reflecting the laser show lights that danced across the chill out area. The force of his cock, pumping into her from behind, rocked her back and forth on her tip toes, almost in time to the trance music blaring from the heaving dance floor below. Keep reading.

Taking All of It by Marie Rebelle

This is a super hot D/s themed story.  The description in the playroom was sexy and I loved the inclusion of Simon’s wife into the story.

They met each other at a club. Yva was looking for a man to dominate her, and where Simon wasn’t looking for a sub – he had his wife, after all – there was a click between them. After a long conversation they made their agreement: Yva would visit him at home once a month, and under certain conditions their agreement would be annulled. Keep reading.

Succulent by Library of Nell

This wasn’t the story I expected, and I loved it for that.  I know I’ll never look at succulents the same way again. The language of this story is beautiful and the descriptions are lush and sexy.

It was her job to work with the succulents that week. She liked this task as it involved carefully dusting and gently cleaning all the soil off the swollen protuberances with a soft horse hair paintbrush. The supervisor had told her to use a mixture of milk and water to make the plants shinier and it was a pleasant activity to dribble the white liquid over each emerald swelling with a cotton bud and then slowly and carefully rub it back into vitality. Keep reading.

Thank you Lucy for picking our top three this week and a big thank you to Geek ‘n’ Grind for providing the inspiration!

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